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Country Vacations India Family Holidays

In Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka in India, the Country Vacations is the leading family holiday service provider since its inception in 1986. Known for its world-class leisure services, it offers choice of family holidays, clubbing and entertainment events across the year. It has over 70 own vacation property network across India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Middle East. Also, it offers over 4000 RCI and 5000 Dial-an-Exchange holiday partner properties across every tourist destination in the world. As part of its world-class services, the Country Vacations provides variety of online facilities to its members. The WebConnect is the unique software that provides wide choice of vacation services over the internet. Using WebConnect, members can search their available holiday packages, reserve rooms in their choice of tourist destinations and make payments for the services utilized in real-time over the World Wide Web.

Wide assortment of vacation, clubbing and entertainment services offered by the Country Vacations includes international holiday circuits, beach vacations, jungle safaris, business class hotels, religious destinations, adventure tours, honeymoon packages and weekend getaway destinations. By calling any of various Resort Management Cell offices in India and Middle East, members can get details on availability of holiday packages, reserve rooms in their favoured vacation destinations and pay for the services utilized by using various Credit Cards in real-time.