Aerobics Cardio

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Aerobics cardio is a routine that enhances oxygen circulation through all parts of the body. It is a staple in gyms and health centers because it enhances one’s metabolism, thereby reducing one’s possibility of suffering a cardiovascular illness. Generally, the routine starts with a warm-up session and is followed by a work-out of muscles that may range from fair to rigorous. Then, the body is given time to cool off. What makes aerobics cardio so popular? For one, it toughens muscles involved in respiration and firms up heart muscles and their extension. For another, the routine is sure to give one stronger bones and a toned body. This section contains materials relating to aerobics cardio.
Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).Aerobic Wear – A Complete How-to GuidePosted by Oli Osorhan. Published on Oct 28, 2009 Many people are unaware of the fact that aerobic wear is an essential part of the aerobic workout, and when the wrong attire is worn, discomfort and irritation may occur, hampering the exerciseÂ’s progress. Cardio For Fat Loss – Is The Cardio Fat Burning Zone Really Important?Posted by Randolph Meresmaa. Published on Jul 14, 2009 Fat loss "experts" tell us a lot of things that are not true and maybe a few things that are true. One of these things is that to have the greatest fat burning effect, then you have to do "steady state" cardio sessions at a specific heart rate. The reason why this low intensity long cardio workout is recommended is that then fat will be used as the primary fat source for energy. What Causes Heart Disease: The Cholesterol MythPosted by Stan Mrak. Published on Jul 02, 2009 At the root of most heart problems is a condition called atherosclerosis, often referred to as "clogging" or "hardening" of the arteries. The common belief is that your arteries get clogged because your cholesterol levels are too high from consuming too many fatty foods. This is the explanation that you hear everywhere you turn. Everyone from medical professional to the man on the street seems to accept this as a scientific fact ? except it absolutely is not! Variation – The Key To Success For The Endurance Athlete In Training!Posted by Brandon Richey. Published on Jun 19, 2009 If you are an endurance athlete in training then you need to read this article. Permit yourself a minute to read why variation in your training is a MUST! Lose Weight: 6 Activities That Are Great Forms Of ExercisePosted by Bruce A Tucker. Published on Apr 26, 2009 Losing weight with exercise does not always have to translate into long hours at the gym. Here are 6 ideas you can implement this week to get that heart rate going and shed some pounds. High Blood Pressure – 2 Main EffectsPosted by Charles G. Published on Mar 03, 2009 An Article Concerning the Affects of High Blood Pressure. What Causes High Blood Pressure – HypertensionPosted by Colon Bolden. Published on Feb 05, 2009 Quite a few people in this world dont know what causes high blood pressure and hypertension. Hypertension is more common in blacks, and the risk increases with age. One-fourth of people in the United States between the ages of 20-74 have hypertension, and three-fourths of women and two-thirds of men over 75 have hypertension. A Healthy Package Deal With AerobicsPosted by Rose Windale. Published on Dec 11, 2008 Aerobics literally means "with oxygen". Exercises which are aerobic in nature are more sustained therefore requiring large amounts of oxygen. Through aerobic activities, the muscles utilize oxygen to burn glucose and fat. When initially starting an aerobic exercise, glycogen is processed into glucose and once glucose is depleted, fat is metabolized as fuel. This proves the point why these forms of exercises are effective in losing weight. Is Cardio Essential To Get Abs?Posted by Roger Davies. Published on Dec 05, 2008 This article will hopefully get you thinking differently about your cardio workouts. I'm here to pose the question to you… Is cardio essential to get lean and in great shape? You will find out that I'm not against cardio as such just against traditional cardio. All The Different Benefits Of Cardio TrainingPosted by Donny Diehl. Published on Nov 27, 2008 The current fashion is to be fit and healthy. To tell the truth, the style stays. If there's one thing that you have in life that is advantageous to you, its your body. It is thus important for you to take very good care of it, noticing it properly. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.