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You’re no Donald Trump but you have a 9 – 5 job and it puts food on the table. You can’t pay for vacations in the Hamptons, but you sure can send the kids to good schools and pay for piano lessons. But what if you were to suffer an accident that would keep you from working? What if you were to become so sick you’d have to stay home and recuperate for a year? What then? This is where disability insurance comes in. Often called disability income insurance, disability insurance insures a beneficiary’s earnings against the risk that at some point, disability would make income possible. The articles in this section are all about disability insurance and all the concerns relating thereto.
Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).Social Security Disability Insurance AdvocatePosted by Joe Palladino. Published on Oct 05, 2009 To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits you must meet the standards set forward by the Social Security Administration. Once you have been approved for Social Security Disability, you are entitled to substantial benefits. Tips On Making An Appeal For Disability InsurancePosted by Renata Lavlor. Published on Aug 21, 2009 You may be eligible for disability insurance if you've been injured from an incident that is not industrial, illness, or pregnancy. In general terms, disability is a mental or physical illness or injury that prevents you from working like you normally would. In order to prove you qualify for disability insurance, you will need to fill out a form about your illness. Answering Your Disability Benefits QuestionsPosted by Mike Selvon. Published on Jul 24, 2009 This article will address some of the more common questions you or a loved one might have about disability benefits. Becoming disabled is no laughing matter. For many it means that they can no longer hold a steady job due to their disability. The disability may be a physical one in which they cannot stay on their feet for long period of time or lift anything due to a muscle injury. The injury may be a psychological one that severely limits their interaction with other people. Mortgage Disability Insurance Explained – Do I Need Mortgage Disability Insurance?Posted by Mark V Collins. Published on Jul 10, 2009 Do I need mortgage disability insurance? Find out the questions you need to consider to determine whether you need to buy mortgage disability insurance. Why You Need Mortgage Disability InsurancePosted by Alan Karpuch. Published on Jun 16, 2009 Protecting your assets is something that should always be a top priority. Mortgage disability insurance can help you protect your home. Social Security Disability – How The Hearing Backlog Affects My ClaimPosted by Becca Rode. Published on Apr 21, 2009 There are lots of frustrations with applying for Social Security disability or SSI benefits. The paperwork is painstaking and repetitive, the staff are busy and often calloused, and it is difficult to determine what is going on with your disability claim. But the hardest part about applying for Social Security disability is the WAIT. Tips on reducing your wait and what the current problems are with the Social Security disability program. Disability Insurance Is The Most Over-looked Insurance PolicyPosted by Rich Kahmer. Published on Mar 25, 2009 Disability insurance is the most over-looked insurance policy on the market and for many people it is the most important policy they could own. This article looks at the benefits and costs of carrying this coverage. Disability Insurance Critical For Most AmericansPosted by Tom Carolan. Published on Mar 05, 2009 The financial devastation that accompanies serious illness and injury is a real risk for growing numbers of American families. With more than 65% of people living paycheck to paycheck and a shaky economy causing that number to grow, more than ever Americans need the security of knowing that their income is a constant. Essential Pointers For Social Security Disability ClaimsPosted by Billings Farnsworth. Published on Dec 25, 2008 It is a sad fact that many people are not equipped with the necessary knowledge about the proper way to apply for Social Security disability claims. For this reason, a lot of them are meeting serious problems when they are claiming for their benefits. Planning For A Better FuturePosted by Caden Flynn. Published on Nov 12, 2008 Have you ever thought about what the future might be like for you if you were to gain a disability? Will Social Security be enough? In this article we will explore the options and the pitfalls of being under insured when tragedy strikes. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by SynArticles.com, All Rights Reserved.