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As it is said music is a very powerful tool of indoctrination; hence we have materials on music from all over the world. The books analyze music from it origin, growth, spread and influence it has on us. Different communities have different kinds of music hence we have tackled them individually. In the music section we have also tried too gather biographies of the past and present music legends so that people can understand the current forms of music and their origins. Members have also contributed the latest music data and collections that you can buy from anywhere. The key issues in the music industry are dealt with thus one can use the resources available to develop himself musically.There are discussions on music by members as they analyze the music industry from production, marketing and related topics. In addition to the books, we have also assorted magazines and other resources that are musically oriented.
Displaying 1-7 of 7 result(s).Electrify Your Senses With Belly Dance MusicPosted by Suhaila Salimpour. Published on Aug 28, 2009 Belly dancing has been popularized over the years as a joyful woman’s art, and why not, after all it has all the essential ingredients that make it worthy to be cherished at moments of joy or woe. Now days belly dancing is not only practiced by female dancers, even male dancers all over have taken a deep interest in this form of art. This dance form was made popular by the Arabs, who called it raqs sharqi (“oriental dance”). With the passage of time, Belly dance has witnessed several alterations in its form, style, and costume and the same goes Music And The Human Brain – Book ReviewPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on Aug 24, 2009 Have you ever noticed that folks that have a musical background happen to be smarter than other people? Scientists, neurologists, and clinical psychologists have noted this and there is very strong evidence that this is not a fluke, but that there is a very real reason as to why this is, that goes deep into the biological human system, even down to the cell level. Feeling This 182 – 6 Reasons Blink 182's Song Makes A Great Studio CompositionPosted by Kyle Hoffman. Published on Jun 15, 2009 Throughout Blink 182's musical career, they've created some stunning compositions thanks to their extraordinary studio engineers. Find out the subtle studio enhancements that makes "Feeling This" such a memorable song. How To Learn The Piano And Stay InspiredPosted by Bryan Smitty. Published on Mar 21, 2009 In order to learn the piano well you're going to need to get some basic lessons that are complete and get you playing songs as quickly as possible. It is the playing of songs that is going to keep you motivated about your entire piano lessons, and you want a course that gets you playing very quickly. Downloadable Audio BooksPosted by Jay Tuk. Published on Feb 04, 2009 Audio books is a term that's not heard enough now days. It seems like the world will soon past up books and audio books all together. They have filled this gap by replacing them with movies, music, an… How I Researched The Top Courses On How To Play The PianoPosted by Anna Kowalski. Published on Dec 18, 2008 Are you like me? Are you trying to learn how to play the piano too? I think I've reviewed all of the top courses on how to play the piano out there and I've learned some things in the process. Music Business Books – 2 Best Choices For The Serious MusicianPosted by Deeann Mathews. Published on Nov 25, 2008 If you are a musician concerned about making money in your chosen field, you know you need to educate yourself about the business of music. Of all the great music business books out there that I've seen, two stand out as ideal for the musician ready to make a serious study of the music industry. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.