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In this section a platform is created to review many poetry playscripts and to allow young and seasoned poets to illustrate their gifts or nurture them to make them professional. Many of the books are poetic but written in play style thus making the reading more interesting. With the increase of the need to entertain, many playwrights are switching to poetry playscripts for it has proven to attract more reading than the ordinary plays where keen reading is required. The books are collected from all over and feature subjects as love, pain, poverty, conflict, wealth, religion and many other crucial aspects of our lives. The writers can improve their poetry playscripts writing from here to later write and seller their writings. In some cases directors have acquired copyrights from us to perform these plays in theatres thus the money is remitted to the original writers forming a source of income. This has greatly encouraged members to contribute more.
Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).An Analysis Of Langston Hughes "theme For English B"Posted by Roger Deval Bourne. Published on Oct 20, 2009 In his poem "Theme for English B," a response to an assignment given by his class instructor, Langston Hughes writes about the differences between himself and his instructor's race. He talks about being the only "colored" person in his class and expresses the feeling of being similar to other races, primarily "white", and yet different throughout the poem. Birthday – Celebrating God's BountiesPosted by Bhaskar Banerjee. Published on Jul 18, 2009 Birthday, by Wislawa Szymborska – if one were to describe it in one word, it is simply a most exquisite poem, so full of exuberance, so full of the gifts of God's bounty, so full of happy gaiety, so full of marvel, that it is natural for the poem to be a hearty outburst in its lyrical note and the alliterative use of language. One picture after another comes gushing forth in a stream of unrestrained thoughts. Auden's Quest For Fulfillment – A Journey From The Earthly To The EtherealPosted by Tama Paul. Published on Jun 05, 2009 It was the age of Darwin, the age of Industry and the age primarily of Reason. Religion hereof brings no solace as it is just a mere embodiment of "the dead tree that gives no shelter". Similarly, the rapid transgression to industrialization had efficiently transformed Men to Machines. Men, here as labourers evolve as commodified objects attached with an "exchange value". Review Of Closing Distances By Paul MartinPosted by Lara Dolphin. Published on May 10, 2009 In his fine, new collection of poems entitled Closing Distances, the award-winning poet Paul Martin, "who dreamed of changing the world in a single, dramatic act," instead dazzles the reader gradually by telling it slant. The collection includes remembrances of his childhood home in rural Pennsylvania. These poems form a portrait of a hardscrabble, immigrant class working for the railroad. Assisi By Norman Maccaig – Literature ReviewPosted by Kellieanne McMillan. Published on May 07, 2009 A poem which explores an important theme is Assisi by Norman MacCaig. The reader is drawn into an uncomfortable tableau where the themes of hypocrisy and corruption inherent in the affectation of religious piety are brought into sharp relief. Written in the poetic form of free verse, the poet sidesteps the traditional form of rhyme and rhythm in an attempt to develop this idea of corruption. Through careful word choice and stark imagery the poet presents a vivid depiction of both the duality of man and the societal dichotomy of wealth and poverty. Why Is Poetry Marginalised By The Mainstream?Posted by Nate Portney. Published on Mar 25, 2009 Poetry is as serious a form of literature as any other. Yet for some reason it is not as widely accepted. It does not even garner the same level of public interest as does high-brow literature that alienates so many with its archaic language and complexity. But why is that so? A Trilogy Of Poetry, Prose, And Thoughts By Joseph S Spence SrPosted by Margaret Okubo. Published on Mar 10, 2009 A delightful book that offers a variety of wholesome entertainment. Outstanding concepts of family values shared by each member of this lovely family. Shakespeare's Women – Breaking The MoldPosted by Rick Huffman. Published on Feb 09, 2009 While it would not be accurate to say that Shakespeare attempts to embody all of the characteristics of the ideal Renaissance woman in all of his female characters, it is certainly accurate to say that he introduces us to female characters who go against the grain of the Elizabethan notion of what a woman should be. Shakespeare discards the notion of the subservient female and introduces us to women of intelligence, wit, power, and character. Exploring Memory, Creating Myth, Providing Sustenance – Holly Prado Takes Us "from One To The Next"Posted by Sanora Bartels. Published on Dec 11, 2008 Holly Prado's latest book of poetry released by Cahuenga Press, from one to the next takes us on a journey from daily transition and adjustments to fractured dreams of mother and memory and finally eases us into a guarded, but hopeful mythology. The book is comprised of three sections starkly different in style but cohesive in their quest for meaning.The first section is also the book's title from one to the next and uses the phases of the moon to light our path. John Ashbery – Collected Poems 1956-1987Posted by Winston Burton. Published on Nov 10, 2008 In October 2008, The Library of America published the first authoritative edition of America's preeminent living poet with JOHN ASHBERY: COLLECTED POEMS 1956-1987. This landmark volume contains more than 100 pages of rare and previously uncollected material from the first half of Ashbery's career; it's an extraordinary treasure trove for poetry lovers and a newsworthy publishing event. He becomes only the fourth living writer-and the first living poet-to have his works collected by the nonprofit publisher specializing in American literature. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by SynArticles.com, All Rights Reserved.