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Who says resumes and cover letters are a thing of the past? When deciding which applicant to hire, it often boils down to a toss between the candidates with the most impressive resumes and cover letters. How do you get yourself hired? The answer is simple. Give yourself a differentiating edge. In the job market, HR personnel and hiring managers are flooded with choices. Seek out positive attention by focusing on the accomplishments that turn you into an attractive commodity. Make your accomplishments stand out by couching these in terms that make them measurable. Define how much you accomplished in terms of bids won, deals sealed, or dollars saved. Support your transferable skills by indicating other areas you are proficient in. Finally, make sure that the resumes and cover letters you hand out to different firms connect to them in some way – to their bottom-line objectives, for example. Demonstrate how you can help them save money, improve sales, or increase revenues. This section contains articles relating to resumes and cover letters and the topics that are under their corresponding umbrellas.
Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).Writing Your Resume And Cover Letter To Meet District-specific Ideals And StandardsPosted by Candace Davies. Published on Oct 04, 2009 When developing any resume or cover letter it is crucial to tailor your documents for a specific audience. Before crafting any career-related document, as well as planning for an interview, you must do your research. Once you have chosen a school district you are interested in, find out what its goals, philosophy, and standards are. Districts tend to focus on different key issues such as literacy, multiculturalism, inclusion, special needs, outreach programs, etc. Find out the one or two main concerns that the district concentrates on and adapt your resume and cover letter accordingly. Create Effective Cover Letters – The Key To Winning Job ApplicationsPosted by Simon J Hurst. Published on Aug 02, 2009 Did you take the time to create effective cover letters as part of your job search strategy? Or was your cover letter put together without the care taken when crafting your resume? Did you know that over 75% of HR professionals admit not reading the resume if the standard of the cover letter is poor? Cover Letter AssistancePosted by Dilan Davis. Published on Aug 01, 2009 Some of us write our own cover letters but some opt to enlist Cover Letter Assistance. When submitting a resume it is the normal practice that along with the resume you submit a cover letter. Resume Writing – Remember These 4 Key ElementsPosted by Robert Bertino. Published on Jul 31, 2009 A resume gets less than 30 seconds attention on the first look. So the question is this: How do you make absolutely sure your resume gets well more than 30 seconds of visual eye contact? Remember, the resume is your product and your skills and experience are your brand behind it. A well-crafted resume can and should take time, planning and careful thinking. Getting Cover Letters RightPosted by Bill Ryan. Published on Jul 30, 2009 This article gives advice on what to consider when writing a quality cover letter. Common mistakes and useful techniques are highlighted. The value of writing cover letters as a part of one's job search is emphasized. Expert Resumes – The Latest TipsPosted by Steven Provenzano. Published on Jul 22, 2009 It seems no matter how good we have it, we all want a better job. That means keeping track of job listings, networking, tracking down leads, analyzing potential employers and scheduling interviews. But these depend on other people, word of mouth, and the quality and quantity of job postings available at any given time. Only your resume gives you total control over how you're perceived by potential employers. It doesn't have to be a passive job listing with subjective information on why you think you're a great and wonderful person (which of course you are). How To Create A Great Video ResumePosted by Mark Montoya. Published on Jul 12, 2009 Try to create a subtle atmosphere. While primary colors may be bold and "capture" the attention of the viewer, you don't want to overwhelm the senses. Your goal is to ensure that your content is the most important component of your site. You can demonstrate your creativity when you land a job. In Today's Job Market – First Impressions Are Very ImportantPosted by Mark A Rozados. Published on Mar 25, 2009 That's why your resume and cover letter should be top notch and perfect. Think positive and be prepared to be called in for an interview! Things You Should Not Include On Your ResumePosted by Freddy Ngiam. Published on Jan 23, 2009 When constructing a resume, there are various things you should never include in it. These items are such as: I. Your photo. Any type of your photo should never appear in your resume. Great Cover Letters – 8 Reasons Why They're EssentialPosted by Eric Weir. Published on Dec 31, 2008 A cover letter is a letter that "covers" your resume. Great cover letters meet many important purposes and offer both you and the employer several benefits. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.