How to Find an IT Job in a Pandemic

Even in crisis, there are many opportunities
Many are trying to find new jobs after the Corona Virus outbreak left nearly 13% of the US workforce out of work. Although the news of millions of job losses is alarming, there is still hope of finding a stable job in IT.
Many IT roles can be performed remotely and are essential for keeping businesses digitally safe and functioning. There are still many great IT professionals available to hire. How can you find an IT job in a pandemic?
Your network is your business
Networking is still the best way to get an interview, despite all the great job boards and tech tools available for job seekers. Don’t keep your job hunt a secret. Inform your network that you are seeking an IT job. Also, let them know the industry you are interested in.
LinkedIn is a great tool for networking digitally. It allows you to check in with your network, ask about open positions, and even connect with them on Facebook. You should also consider IT forums and community groups on sites such as Reddit, Facebook, and public Slack Channels.
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You will find professionals with similar skills in community groups. They can help you solve problems, refine your skills, and have a lot of fun. They are a great resource for finding out about job opportunities and discussing your job search. Many IT Forums have a “jobs thread” where job-seekers can post job openings and ask for assistance.

Get your resume in shape

On average, a recruiter or hiring manager spends 6 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding whether to accept or reject it. Even if you have great experience and skills, a resume that isn’t well-written will be ignored. Some Application Tracking Systems (ATS), may even reject a resume.

Use job descriptions to make your resume stand out. To make your resume more appealing, you should include the job requirements and job responsibilities that you have. This will ensure that you are aligned with the position. A “keyword” is a term that is used frequently in a job description. This word is what an ATS scans to determine if you are a good match.

Here are some other resume tips:

Your resume should include a strong skill section.
Connect with IT Recruiters

A recruiter could be your secret weapon to getting the job you want. Search for IT recruitment agencies in your area to find those who specialize in placing IT professionals. You can also search LinkedIn for “IT Recruiter”

Once you have made the connection, remember that recruiters are often more overwhelmed than ever and may not be able to get back to you as quickly or as efficiently as you would like. Although Recruiters’ primary goal is to fill a job, not help candidates find jobs, sometimes your goals can be aligned if you nurture the relationship.

Keep the connection fresh by asking for help and not asking for it. You can share their job postings with your network, or let them know of something industry-related that may be of interest to you.

Stable industries are best for you.

It is important to choose industries that are not only stable in these uncertain times, but also thrive. Despite the pandemic, the communication, healthcare (and HealthIT), shipping, online learning and grocery industries are still hiring.

These companies all need IT professionals to keep them connected, secure, and online for their customers and end-users.

Before you choose a company, look at their COVID19 management for both their customers and employees. This will help you determine if the company culture suits you. It’s also something consumers consider when making purchases.

Look at both big and small job boards

Although large job boards such as Indeed and Ziprecruiter can be a great place to post your resume and begin your job search, you might also consider smaller, niche job boards that have fewer applicants.

You can check out sites such as PowertoFly and Angel List.

If you don’t see much in your area, make sure to check out remote positions. Many IT roles may not require a long distance.

Keep positive

Although the job search can seem daunting, there are many great opportunities available, especially in IT. Ask for help and put your best foot forward.

Happy hunting!

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