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One day, in the mid 1800s, a little boy immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, with his parents. His family was so poor that he used to wash the windows at a bakery shop and collect coal from the wagons that brought fuel to support his family.
Edward Bok, a little boy, was able to become one of the most successful editors of American journalism history despite not having completed more than six years of schooling. How is that possible? !
Here’s how he did this:
He researched the lives of highly successful people and wrote letters to them asking for more information. These people responded!
Soon, he was talking back and forth with some the most successful people in the country at the time: Mrs. Abraham Lincoln and Ralph Waldo Emerson, as well as Louisa May Alcott, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Jefferson Davis. He would also visit these distinguished people when he was on vacation.
These influential and highly successful people mentored the young boy and gave him a vision and an ambition that was far beyond his wildest dreams. Edward says that this is what enabled him to be so successful. Quite lucky huh?
Imagine learning from the best IT industry professionals like Edward Bok. You’d learn things that aren’t even in books if you could get the advice of experts for an hour. You would be able to seek advice from those who have direct experience. You would be able to see how others got to the top and extract the best advice to help you in your career.
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Edward Bok lived in the days before the internet. People weren’t bombarded daily with thousands of ads and messages. Many of the people he reached out too, responded. His strategy of calling people’s attention wouldn’t work for most people today. Unless you are an expert at cold-emailing and influencing people, then you probably should not pursue an IT career. Good luck!
A mentor can make the difference between reaching the top of your industry sooner than expected or staying at the helpdesk answering the same boring questions for 20 years. It would make your life easier if you could be mentored by multiple experts throughout your career. Imagine if this was your advantage and you were able to use it to your advantage.
You would be able to identify the skills that are most valuable and needed in your industry. You’d learn the criteria that top companies look for in applicants and be able prepare to breeze through interviews. You’ll learn how top engineers rose to the top and what they did to speed up their success.
You can learn how to negotiate higher salaries and how to get promoted quicker. Perhaps even get inspired to open your own IT consulting company.
RockStarSE is a podcast that offers free advice from the best in the IT industry. Terry Kim, the host, interviews top IT experts. He talks to a Cisco hiring manager who reveals his criteria for hiring people and to Silicon Valley’s top network architects. A former U.S. military instructor aims to disrupt US military IT education. A data center CCIE claims that certifications are not all that important.
Terry Kim was a systems engineer at some of the most prestigious tech companies around the globe, including Arista Networks and Dimension Data. He is also an ex-IT instructor from the Air Force. He trained over 1,000 engineers and many of them went on to manage network communications for the U.S. military around the globe.
You must be able to distinguish yourself from others in order to have a successful IT career. It could take you half your life to reach that level, which would be a shame.
RockstarSE gives you the chance to learn from the best in the IT industry free of charge. You can benefit from the knowledge of these experts and use their insight to improve your career. You have the chance to learn from the best in the business, just like Edward Bok. Don’t take this for granted!
A mentor or multiple mentors can be a great way to jumpstart your career and propel it forward faster than you might think. You’ll soon be inspired by the best and start to see the world through the eyes of the best.
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