Rockstar Engineers are created by project-based learning

NexGenT takes pride in putting context around the subjects we teach. It is important that learners can see the whole picture before they dive into the details. This is what we call objective deconstruction. It seems to be especially effective when communicating information about technical subjects, and even more so when the subject matter can be complicated. It appears to be a great way to motivate learners and help them understand the lessons. Combining objective deconstruction and project-based learning is a great example. Instead of just describing the end result of a project, it is better to show the learner what it looks like and let them experience it as much as they can. As the learner works towards the end goal, it becomes clearer how the pieces fit together to create the final project result.
Let’s now dive deeper into the topic of project-based learning. True project-based learning is a learning method that is based on a realistic project scenario. Information Technology projects play a major role in career success. Any prospective IT Engineer must have a good understanding of how projects are integrated into an IT infrastructure. NexGenT has combined project-based learning with objective deconstruction to create what we believe to be the best learning environment. The Full Stack Networking Project is our flagship project. The project takes the student on a journey through every step of the project process. The student is able to plan and execute a whole reality-based computer networking project on their own. This includes routing, switching and voice as well as network security in a realistic environment that includes a Headquarters office and two branches offices. We will first explain the project’s goals and the process. The final outcome, which is the network environment, is then presented. We allow the student to see all components once they are assembled. The student then takes apart the network environment and rebuilds it piece-by-piece.
One of the biggest problems with IT training is the lack of context. This can lead to IT training that is not relevant to real-world networks or businesses. NexGenT is passionate about what it does and we are constantly innovating learning techniques like project-based learning and objective deconstruction. To close this post, I want to say that the IT Industry can seem complex and a mystery to many people. It can be broken, but that’s not what I meant. We want to make IT easy to understand for everyone who wants to learn it. We are also on a mission, to inspire and create the next generation of Rockstar Engineers.