6 reasons to become a Network Defender with EC-Council

Every enterprise that wants to adapt to a post COVID world must now prioritize cybersecurity. Workers’ identities and devices, which are now the new security perimeter, are being forced to work remotely. Cybersecurity for businesses is as important as internet access.

News reports and studies have shown that cyber attackers are quick at tackling the new, unprotected threat areas created by millions of workers working remotely. Every Network Defense Team must pass the tough test of providing network security for such a distributed, unprecedented ecosystem in this post-pandemic world. The Certified Network Defender V2 program has been upgraded with battle-ready ammunition to aid Blue Teams in their fight against network breaches.
CND v2 is a must-have product for individuals and companies looking to improve their Network Defense Skills.
1.) Only comprehensive network defense program that combines critical network skills. Protect, Detect and Respond. Predict.
2.) Maps to NICE 2.0 Framework that opens up to a wide range of future jobs.
3.) Accredited by ANSI (an independent certification body that verifies certification programs).
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5.) CND is designed with a greater focus on Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Threat Prediction
6.) 6.) According to PayScale the average salary for a Network Security Engineer at over $85,555 is more than a Network Defender Architect at over USD 91,000 per year.
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Network administrators are experts in network environments. They can handle components such as traffic, protocols, IP addresses, topology, and traffic. Organizations can protect themselves against vicious attacks from network vulnerabilities by having adequate network security skills. ND) is a network security training and credentialing program offered by New Horizons.