Bullets kill: 5 Reasons to Stop Filling Your Presentations with Bullets

We’ve all seen them: slides after slides of bullet points in presentations. Although bullet points can be helpful in organizing your information, they can also be a hindrance to creating memorable presentations that entertain and engage. These are the reasons graphics are better than bullets:
Retention. Retention. Will your audience remember what they were told? Graphics can be used to increase audience retention. Your brain only retains seven bits of information at once. Images are stored in long term memory, so your ideas will not be lost after you have finished your presentation.
Transmission. Visuals are a great way to get your message across quickly. Visual information is processed more quickly than text, about 60,000 times faster than text.
Comprehension. You want your audience to be able to understand what you are saying. Visuals can improve learning by as much as 400 percent according to studies. Visuals enable the brain to synthesize large amounts new information.
Emotion. Visuals can help you engage your audience more effectively. Images can trigger emotions. They cause stronger reactions than words. A person’s emotional reaction to a photograph creates memories that can be retained.
Motivation. 60% of people are visual learners. They respond better to visual information than text alone. A picture allows the audience to recreate the experience in their minds by seeing it. Visuals are better than bullet points if you want to grab their attention and get them excited about what your message is.
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Original text by Diane Nelson
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