Cloud Clinics are coming. Are you ready?

Are you curious about how moving to the cloud could help your business?
Are you looking for a strategy that makes the most of the explosion in mobile devices, social media and bid data? You need to allow collaboration across devices without compromising security. See the latest Microsoft cloud and productivity innovations in action.
Join New Horizons for the Microsoft Cloud Clinic this month. Our experienced technical experts will introduce “reinventing productivity” and explain how Office 365 has evolved to meet customer needs.
The cloud is changing organizations and the world. Will you be ready for it? We live in a world that has more devices than people and produces more data than people can use. The pace of change is much faster than ever before. Technology has caused disruptions in our professional and personal lives. We used to talk of trends as if they were separated – CoIT BYOD, IoT, etc. While the trends are still important and have an impact on their own, they also have an impact on the whole. We need to rethink productivity if we want to be successful as individuals as well as as companies. When we make things happen, we are productive. Sometimes we can do it all by ourselves, but more often we work together.
Register if you are a Southern California resident and would like to participate in this amazing event.
New Horizons is constantly discussing workplace trends with clients and leading vendors. We also discuss industry trends and real-life problems. New Horizons can help businesses like yours to leverage our knowledge experts to discuss strategies and implementation as well as troubleshooting.
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