Microsoft Badges –

Let the world know that you have passed an exam, or earned a new certification. Acclaim and Microsoft are collaborating to award badges to recognize your certifications.
Why does Microsoft offer badges?
Microsoft wants you to have the tools you need for your career. Your digital badge lets you easily share your skills in a trusted and verifiable way.
Your Microsoft badge empowers you to:
What is a digital badge and how can you share it with your professional network?
Badges are web-enabled representations for your Microsoft certifications. Your digital badge is composed of an image and metadata that are uniquely linked to you. This allows you to take credit for your achievement.
You can share your digital badge on popular online sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. It can be embedded in your resume, personal website, or email signature. Anyone can view your badge to learn more about you and verify its authenticity.
Are I eligible to receive a badge?
MCPs who pass the exams and/or achieve certifications on this list after October 21, 2016 will be issued badges. Beginning in November 2016, badges for those who have passed the exams or obtained certifications on the following list will be retroactively issued. This applies to certifications that are still active.
These certifications and exams are part of the pilot badge program. 2017 will see additional badges being evaluated. The January update will include more information.

What Exams and Certifications Are Eligible?Microsoft Exams: Designing & Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions 70-475. Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-533. Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions70-534. Installing Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-534. Creating Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-741. Identity with Windows Server 2016 70-742. Upgrading your Skills to MCSA. Windows Server 2016MCSA: Cloud Platform: SQL 2016 Business Intelligence Development SQL 2016 Database Administration SQL 2016 Database Development MCSA.