What are the Must-Have IT Certifications of Today?

There are many IT certifications that can help you prove your technical skills to any employer. Which ones should you choose to improve your resume and adapt to industry changes in software and hardware? These are the ones that will help you meet today’s market needs.
1. Microsoft Office 365
Satya Nadella, the company CEO, stated that Microsoft Office 365 has more than 80 million active users each month. Office 365 includes a variety of services that are essential to everyday life, such as the traditional productivity suite of Word and Excel, PowerPoint, and communications tools like Skype for Business and SharePoint. It is a smart decision to brush up on Office 365 at a New Horizons Computer Center for your IT future.
2. Microsoft Azure
In recent years, the number of public cloud uses has been growing rapidly. Cloud infrastructure can be used for mobile app development, e-commerce websites, and hosting critical applications like email and video conferencing. According to one survey of CIOs at MSPoweruser, Microsoft Azure ispoised to overtake market leader Amazon Web Services by 2019and claim 30 percent of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service market. Azure skills, in particular, and cloud skills in general are more in demand than ever. Azure is the most popular cloud-based solution.

3. Cisco technologies
Cisco is still the leading vendor of networking equipment. Applications Centric Infrastructure and other solutions point the way to new initiatives like software-defined networking or virtualization of network functions. The existing Cisco technologies are still at the core of many data centers and corporate offices. Cisco certifications are a great choice for both beginners and experienced users who want to expand their skills.
New Horizons Computer Learning Group offers the certifications that you need to be successful in today’s IT industry. New Horizons offers certifications that will help you become an expert in Office 365, or to achieve the status of a Cisco Certified Network Associate Level.