The Examination Time for CCNA Certification, CCNP Certificate and CCIE Certification

In 2021
Introduction to CCNA Certification
We have already covered the Cisco certification test rooms at different levels. Today we will focus on the “Test time” of the relevant questions and provide some answers.
First, let’s talk about the date of exam: CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The CCNA exam only has a written component. CCNA annual examination time is not only on weekends and festivals. Examinees can take CCNA test from Monday through Friday, but must make an appointment at the test site in advance to take the test.
The test length is also important. According to the 2020 Cisco Certification Revision, CCNA’s test code is 200-301. The test takes 140 minutes. Test items are broken down into multiple-choice and single-choice sections. Drag-diagram, experimental and other questions are all included. There is a total score range of 1,000 and a passing score of 825.
Let’s talk about the preparation time for CCNA exercises. CCNA tests only include theoretical knowledge. Even students without a foundation can pass the test by participating in training classes, which includes explanations from the teacher, understanding the knowledge points, and memorizing the question banks. This usually takes around 15 days.
Introduction to CCNP certification
The CCNP exam does not include a theoretical examination. The registration date is the exact same as CCNA test.
The CCNP test is harder. Depending on the direction, some directions require students to take two tests while others require them to take three. Similar to CCNA, each subject contains a different number of questions, but the test takes 120 minutes.
It takes longer to complete CCNP certification training. SPOTO breaks down all CCNP courses into 18 sessions. Each session lasts for 22.5 hours and takes approximately 35 days. The 2018 version of CCNP has many advantages, including the Cloud Lab and mindmap section. These sections allow students to learn anywhere and anytime. There are also more practical and hands-on sections that can be used for testing. This makes learning easier, more systematic, and improves learning efficiency.
Introduction to CCIE certification
The VUE can reserve the CCIE written exam and students can register by making an appointment with the teacher. The exam takes 120 minutes per subject.
It is important to note that CCIE examination has LAB exam. Because of the epidemic impact, currently, only one seat is available in the LAB examination area each certification direction. This means that the examination room can only accommodate one or two people.
The exam took eight hours and was very difficult. The three-hour Design section is similar to reading comprehension on an English exam. It gives the material and answers questions based on it. No device can access it. This section cannot go back to the previous topic like Cisco’s written exam. So choose your time carefully, ensure there are no problems, and click on the next question.
In the afternoon part of the exam, 5-hour DOO (Deploy-Operate-Optimize), is similar to the previous CFG, according to the requirements of the configuration, no separate TS module, integrated into the DOO test together.
This is about questions related to “Test time”. If you have any questions, please contact SPOTO teachers. We are happy to help.
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