What are the advantages for newly graduated college students with CCNA or CCNP?

The Cisco Entry Certification Test is the CCNA Certification Exam. There are two ways to get your CCNA Certificate. The first is to take the CCNA Exam directly. The second is to pass ICND1 or ICND2 in exchange for CCNA Certificate.

CCNA Certificate is a good entry-level certificate in China. It is also easy to understand. Employers are aware that there is a question bank for CCNA. This makes it less popular in China.

But, the certificate is not worth anything. Should we throw it out? It is important to distinguish between learning and obtaining certifications. Learning CCNA, which is the basis for CCNP or CCIE certifications, can be done without the need to take the test.
The Cisco Intermediate Certification Test CCNP Certification Exam. To obtain CCNP Certificate you will need to have CCNA Certificate. This means that you will need to pass four exams in order to receive CCNP Certificate.

CCNP Certificates are of some value. It is easy to get a CCNP certificate in domestic circumstances. There are question banks for Cisco CCNP. This certificate is still widely recognized in China. Although it cost USD 1,084, you didn’t receive the same treatment. The cost performance is very poor.
3. Software Test
The Computer Technology and Software Professional Technology Qualification Test is the full name of this software test. It is a state-organized test. It is a test that only asks questions in theory. The test can be divided into three categories: primary, intermediate, and advanced. The software test is very difficult and requires a good understanding of the theory. Software tests are mostly used to rate personnel in state-owned institutions and enterprises. Private enterprises do not recognize the software certificate.
4. IE Certificate
IE Certificate, the ultimate certification test for Cisco, is the most authoritative certification in the IT sector. CCIE Certification is possible without having to pass CCNA or CCNP. Before you can apply for the CCIE Lab (Experimental Operation Test) you must first pass the CCIE Written Test. Only after passing the CCIE Lab exam can you receive your CCIE Certificate.

It is not easy to get a CCIE Certificate. It is common to require several years of experience as a network engineer and at least 1,000 hours of machine operation experience in foreign countries. It takes on average 3-5 Lab Tests for this to pass. To obtain Cisco CCIE Certification in China, people primarily study at training institutions. The difficulty of CCIE is greatly decreased because there are question banks. Many institutions boast a 97% pass rate.

It is however surprising that CCIE recognition by domestic private companies is still very high. First, passing the CCIE Test doesn’t necessarily mean you are CCIE-able, but passing the CCIE Test can help to cultivate your unremitting qualities and lonely character.
A certificate is the recognition of a learning stage. It is used by employers to distinguish between employees from others. A certificate does not necessarily mean that you are incapable of doing the job. A certificate does not necessarily mean your ability is better than the one without a certificate. Many people recommended that I take the tests in the past. It was gold that would shine sooner than others, but this was a frenzied era. Before you could shine, your body was buried under a vast sea of people.