What are the Precautions for Cisco Certification Exams?

The Cisco Certification Exam can be divided into three levels: CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. Candidates must first clarify the level they wish to apply for. The test content and difficulty of each level are different.

The examination fee for CCNA Certification is USD 350. CCNP Certification requires you to take 3-4 courses. The examination fee is USD 300 per subject. You must pass the CCNA Certification Exam to be eligible to apply for CCNP Certification. However, CCIE Certification Examination does NOT require candidates to pass CCNA or CCNP. Candidates can apply directly for CCIE Certification Examination.

The content of the CCIE Test is however more complicated. You must pass the written test (USD450) and the Lab Test.

1. Register at the VUE Examination Center in your country

(address and phone)

2. Register directly on the VUE official website (provided that you have a dual-currency credit card).

The following requirements must be met: Two Class I Certificates, one Class I Cert + one Class I Certificate

Class I Certificate (with photos): ID card with passport, Hong Kong and Macao Pass and Taiwan Compatriot Certificate. Driver’s license, officer certificate and Social Security Card.

Class II Certificate (within the validity periods): credit card, bankcard or provident funds card with name on front and signature back, medical insurance card with photos, student card with current identity as student, student card with steel seal covering photos and work card with name and signature in signature column

1. The validity period for certificates must be within. You cannot use expired or invalid certificates to take the exam. The examination room will refuse to allow you in if you bring expired certificates. You will also not be reimbursed the examination fee. Pay attention to it.

2. Candidates must register successfully and arrive at the examination hall half an hour before the exam to be allowed to take part.

3. It is forbidden to go back and complete questions in the CCIE Written Test. Therefore, when you click the “next” button, make sure that you don’t click continuously or quickly so that you don’t skip a question.

4. If you are involved in an accident or crash during an examination, it is advisable to immediately contact the staff and let them handle it. The previously completed questions will be recorded after the computer has been restarted. The examination time is sufficient. Don’t worry. You can negotiate with the exam room to reschedule if an accident causes you to lose a lot of time or affects your examination.

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