What is the Cost of CCIE Certification?

The most valuable IT certifications within the two major certifications are Huawei certification and Cisco certification. I’d like to tell you about CCIE certification. Students often ask me about the CCIE certification attachment fee.
Cisco is the global leader of the IT and networking industry. It has the best brand recognition and the largest product market share. Cisco introduced the certification level in 1993 and has since been a leading authority in the field. CCIE Certification is the highest level of Cisco certification in the expert level certification.
The CCIE certification attachment fee is due to Cisco’s requirements regarding the qualifications of agents. Cisco has a hierarchy for general agents, agents with gold medals, and agents with silver medals. An enterprise must meet the requirements to be eligible for the agent level. This includes the basic professional certification, which outlines the role of certifiers. These include the requirement for the total number CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certifications.
The CCIE certificate attachment requirements are generally CCIE certification within the validity period, not attached any unit, providing electronic copy of the certificate or the original, graduation certificates, ID cards, etc.
Cisco’s CCIE certificate market is quite significant. Certificate authority is high and pass rate is low so the cost of a CCIE certificate is not very high. The CCIE certification registration fee has increased to USD 4,638 annually over the past few years. However, enterprises are paying more attention to technical abilities of employees and will pay money for them to take CCIE certificate attachments in particular. Despite the fact that the current demand for CCIE certificates attachment is low, the technical content of CCIE certificates is widely recognized by the industry. Even if CCIE Certification cannot be attached, people still have the option to rely on the CCIE Certificate to find the right job.

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