What is the value of CCNA Certification, CCNP Certification and other certifications for Certified Network Engineers?

The importance of the network industry has increased with the rapid development of the “Internet plus” era. The number of network-related majors graduates rises each year. This is a bad sign for the job market. This social situation has led to more graduates choosing to train network engineers with professional skills.
Current Employment Situation for Graduates: Talent Overflows
Many people are confused about “Certified Network Engineers” because they are confusing. According to me, the “Certified Network Engineer” is the person who can obtain the official certification of an equipment manufacturer and learn a particular technology. The country’s mainstream can be described as follows:
Cisco Certified Network Engineer
Cisco Certified Network Engineer (CCIE), is the representative of the network engineer certificate series. It is based on routing technology, WAN switching solutions, and was first published in 1993. The CCNA certification is the primary certification in the Cisco professional certification. The popularity of this certificate level is low in 2009 and it has low social recognition. To the intermediate CCNP certification I have to mention a small Cisco bundle: Anyone who wants to test to become a Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCIE) must first obtain CCNA certification. The most respected certification in network interconnection is the CCIE certification. The CCIE exam is the best choice for network technology studies. (Yes, you can actually test CCIE, CCNA and CCNP tests are not as important).
A basic return for a cisco-certified individual is a salary rise of 10-20%, as well as more corporate training opportunities.
Cisco Certification Hierarchy Pyramid
Huawei Certified Network Engineer
Huawei certification is a certification system that covers the fields of IP and IT. It is based on years’ experience in ICT talent training and understanding of industry development. It is guided by hierarchical technology certification and equipped Huawei’s “cloud management ending” integration technology. It is the only ICT certification program in the entire technical field.
Personal view: Just as the mobile phone brand cannot be a monopoly in the market, so state-owned brands are emerging one after the other, and have the potential to do even better. Huawei certification is the same for network equipment. However, because Huawei certification has a large domestic market share most government and state-owned enterprises will choose to use the more affordable Huawei certificate. Cisco is more stable than Huawei in terms of network technology (that is, less likely that it will go down). You can learn from it (not flatter it). The technical content and learning system for Cisco certification are more comprehensive and complete.
Linux Operations/Systems Engineer
The Linux operating system is a type of clone system that is based on the UNIX operating systems development. It was created on October 5,1991. It is the most widely-used UNIX-like operating systems today thanks to the Internet and the efforts and enthusiasm of computer enthusiasts around the globe.
Linux is a free operating-system that can be downloaded from the internet or anywhere else. You can also modify its source code at any time. This is something no other operating system can achieve. This is why Linux has many programmers around the globe. They can modify and write it as they please, which allows Linux the ability to absorb the ideas and creativity of many programmers and allow it to continue growing.
Linux Founder: Linus Torvalds
The IT network has many applications. From the initial enterprise network and financial security to the current smart home, medical care, transportation and logistics to school education and food, the network is inseparable.