How did I clear my PMP with Above Target Prothoughts

My PMP exam was passed on the 13th June with “Above Target” at Prometric’s Mumbai Test Center. The exam was easy and the 200 questions were easily mastered in the allotted time of 4 hours.
General Exam Overview (My Experience):
* The exam contained close to 10-12 questions on Change Control. It is important to review the concepts of Perform Integrated Change Control Process. * Expect questions about Contract types. * Expect questions about the network diagram. This question will be time-consuming and contain a lot of verbose. You would need to build the diagram and find the answers. Example: Once you have created the network diagram, find the float for XYZ activity. These questions should not be answered at the conclusion. You can mark network diagram questions and move on. * Expect questions about Earned Value management. These should be fairly straightforward, such as finding the CPI, CPI and EAC given the values for PV. Getting 3-4 questions right will help you understand the difference between Manage Quality & Control Quality. * Manage Quality: Process-focused (Is the product built according to the correct processes? Control Quality: Product-Focused (Is the product built according to the requirements specifications? Expect to be asked questions about stakeholder types. Know the differences between Supportive, Leading and Neutral stakeholders. Example: Resistant stakeholders are those who don’t want the project to succeed.
* Your daily preparation strategy
* It is recommended that you read Rita Mulcahy Exam Prep at least once. The language and concepts are clear and easy to understand. After becoming a PMI member, the PMBOK guide can be downloaded as a pdf file. It takes 2-3 hours per day to complete the study material.
Strategy for the exam run-up
ProThoughts solutions will provide you with training material 2-3 days before the exams. You can quickly review them in these days to refresh your memory.
ProThoughts offers the following training materials:
* A handout booklet that explains all the processes, ITTOs and activity references.
* A Mind Maps Book, which is extremely useful because all the processes are explained in a quick and easy to understand Mind Map format.
* Flashcards – Your travel companion kind of like a pocket guide.
However, the material can be re-examined in 2-3 days before the exams.
ProThoughts offers 4 online mock exams with high quality questions. A score of 70-75 percent indicates that you are ready to take the actual exam.
On the exam day:
* Arrive at the exam venue before the time. If the exam is scheduled for 8.00 AM, you should arrive at the venue by 7.30 AM.
* The exam hall is strictly closed to all items, including water bottles, eatables, and wallets. Only your ID card is permitted.
* Before entering the exam hall, you will be thoroughly fouled from head to toe. You will be tested for emptyness in your socks, collars, and pockets.
* If you need to get your bags, books and stationary, you will need them to put them in a locker provided by the test center.
During the exam
* Carefully read the questions. Be aware of distractors and unneeded information. Although the question may be long and verbose at times, it is important to only focus on the relevant information.
* Don’t spend more time than necessary on any one question. It is best to mark it and move on. You can always return to it later.
* Keep track of time and watch your speed. For 200 questions, it takes just 4 hours.
* Answer all complex questions about network diagrams at the conclusion.
* You will be asked to complete a short survey about the Test Center and the feedback it has received at the end of the 4 hour period. It is optional. The message “Congratulations!” will be displayed on the screen after the survey is completed (hopefully).
A good REP for the first contact hours will provide a solid foundation upon which to build. ProThoughts Solutions in my case