How did I get my PMP certification after two failed attempts? ProThoughts Solution

“The best feeling is when you get a mail from the USA with your name on it.”
The first thing you can do in life is to have passion towards achieving your goals. Since 2017, when a colleague introduced me to PMP, I have had a passion about it. My friend and I discovered ProThoughts Pune through our mutual friend. We met Mr. Arvind in his Magarpatta office to discuss the batches in Pro-thoughts. We booked our batch for 2 weekends at Hotel Orbett in Pune in Sep-17.
The 35-hour workshop must be attended by all candidates in order to take the PMP exam. The sessions were well-organized with Mindmaps, Mindmaps, and case studies. Rita Mulcahy, Mindmaps By ProThoughts, Case studies and others were given as reference books.
I spent the first week of class reading Rita Mulcahy’s concepts for chapters that were covered in class after hours. It helped me understand the tools, techniques, process, and topics I learned that week. The main task after the second week was to read Rita Mulcahy’s book twice. Next, I had to read PMBOK at least once. I had made my own notes and had a 47-process chart by Ricardo pinned to my walls. This allowed me to glance at my home every day before going to sleep. I practiced ITTO on all 47 processes. I also read Mindmaps provided by ProThoughts to understand why these are inputs and tools.
Image Source: Google. ProThoughts provided mock tests that allowed us to see the results of all process scores and find out why they were wrong. I failed 3 mock exams. Mr. Arvind warned me to score at least 80% in order to pass the PMP exam. After scoring 69% in my previous mock, I took my first exam at Mumbai Prometric center on 16th January, 19. Although I was familiar with all aspects of ITTO, process, and question types, my first attempt at the exam was not successful. Exam center is a dramatic scene again. You can only take your ID card with you and no napkin or eraser. You have four hours to sit down in front of the computer after there is a long silence. After 15 minutes of reading the guidelines carefully, questions start to pop up. You will receive 4 sheets of rough paper. Once you submit your old sheets, the new sheets will be given to you. The online test is very beneficial as your score is available in a matter of minutes. You can also review questions from 1 to 200.
I met Mr. Arvind after the first attempt and was given guidance on where things went wrong. I appeared again for the exam on February 20, 2019. I prepared this time with 10 mocks from Mr. Mohit Arora’s book, and online links from Arvind sir. However, I failed to clear my exam for the 1st time.
My last attempt was over, and the syllabus was changing following 26 March, 19. So I went to Ahmedabad on the 19th of March, 19. I had previously gone through the exam again, scoring less in certain areas and answering questions that were confusing at the exam.
This time, it was Bang Bang and I passed the exam with a score above average.
After passing the exam, I was offered a position as a Program Manager. This job came with a significant raise. My friend Akash Dixit started my PMP certification studies alongside me. I also want to thank Mr. Arvind Nahata, my mentor, and Mr. Rajivupadhay for helping me pass my PMP exam. “When you get a letter from the USA with your name on it, it is the best feeling.”