How did I prepare for my journey towards PMP certification? ProThoughts Solution

Check out my journey to PMP certification below:
My journey began when I realized I needed to improve my Project Management skills and adopt a standard approach. I realized that a PMP certification would help me solve the problem and give me an edge in my company. I decided to enroll in the course and began looking for options. I initially considered an online course, but my strength is listening to my trainer and that keeps me sharp I decided I needed a classroom training program. ProThoughts seemed to specialize in Project Management and PMI-related certifications. I looked at many training providers, but I decided to go with them. I realized that I had made the right decision.
The trainer shared his experience in becoming PMP certified. He said that it took him one month/30 days to achieve this. This set me up for success. I knew I had to be certified in 30 days. It was possible, but not without challenges. My employer is not a strict PMI follower, which made it difficult for me to relate to the majority of the material. However, my trainer helped me understand the logical perspective towards these guidelines which helped me gain a solid understanding and foundation towards gaining the confidence.
The training ended on September 9th and I booked my 9th October slot to ensure that I don’t lose my way. For me, a goal is essential in order to reach it. I would have lost my interest and, most importantly, the knowledge I gained during the training. This would have led to my failure.
I read the PMBOK, and I created my own notes to help me remember important points that were helpful during my last preparation days. I’m good at math so I wanted to make sure I scored high on these questions. I took all the mock tests, starting with the 120th to see if it was a good score but not great. So I focused on all my answers, right and wrong, so that I could validate if my logic or approach to selecting the correct answer was correct or if it was just a fluke and I needed more work. I scored 140+ on my last mock test, which was kept until the day before my PMP exam. I was happy with this score and confident about passing it.
The exam is a stressful experience that can make you nervous. I began my exam by answering each question sequentially and marking the difficult ones. I answered 150+ questions on my first attempt. I then reviewed all my answers when I had time.
I eliminated all the obvious wrong answers and then drilled down to the correct answer. This was the method that my trainer suggested and it worked well.
The nervousness became unbearable and I hit the submit button. I saw the message ‘Congratulations for completing your certification’. I wasn’t convinced so I walked to the printer to verify. The Pearson Personnel said “Congratulations Sir”. I felt relieved to have achieved the goal that I had set for myself.