How Gamification can make your Corporate Training more interesting ProThoughts Solution

Corporate Training is a key element of any organization because they are the most affordable. How? Let me explain. If employees do the right thing the first time, customers will be happy. This is what employees will feel if they are given the time to review, audit, inspect, and other activities. This not only results in a longer schedule, increased overheads, and decreased customer satisfaction. Many large companies spend a lot on “getting it right the first time”. How do you achieve this? There are many things you can do to achieve this. One is experience. You learn from your mistakes and eventually get it right. However, the cost is still higher because the salaries of employees have gone up. You can establish processes and standards to prevent any unintended errors and ensure that you get it right the first time. Training is a great way to make sure employees understand and implement good practices within the organization. It has a proven ROI and is a great ROI for companies. Many large companies such as Google, Accenture, Microsoft and Microsoft invest heavily in training programs. The employees feel invested in the company, which makes them an integral part.
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How can we make corporate training more interesting, given the fact that it is necessary? That’s a good question. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the utmost importance, it is futile to go through the grind. Training also wastes time. It is frustrating and exhausting. Training shows that curiosity and application are encouraged. Employees should say, “Let’s use the Critical Path method that we learned today in Project Planning – I think this technique is better.” We know that the training was successful when the time passes quickly and no one checks their WhatsApp or watches.
ProThoughts makes this training fun by using our in-house methodology, “Interactive Gaming Methodology”. We play, learn and apply. This has led to some amazing results and a lot repeat business.
Below are some testimonials and quotes from our customers that support our claims.
Deepak Nitride
Tata Sky

This unique method of learning while we play is very well received. We even created a course in the same vein for corporate friends. Check out our Game-based Course. There is always room for custom training.
Many people would love to know more about the Game based Interactive method. We hope it isn’t just a marketing ploy to get users. We will share some interesting snippets from the Gamification we have used in Corporates to give them a taste of this method.
A brief description of the target audience – Our corporate courses are intended for executives, professionals, and experts in project management. Our courses are applicable across all levels of the organization so there is always something to learn. Our programs are open to all employees, from any department, and even support functions like HR, Finance, and so on. Our corporate programs were enjoyed by employees from all departments.
It’s more fun when it’s played.
The idea of game-based learning, or play as your learn, or even learn while you play, was born during our initial training days. The presentation slides were too monotonous.
Participants are not able to pay attention to the same material as a diverse audience. The instructor had to drag them back into the training session. The employees’ engagement levels were always low. The instructor drove the entire session.
Game-based Interactive sessions are run by employees or participants. They are fully immersed in the game and are deciding what next. They are looking for the right solutions and the best techniques to achieve them. The instructor acts as a facilitator. He is there to guide, support and confirm the participants’ solutions. This helps the organization because the employees are able to solve the problem directly and can reuse the solution in the future.
This is also a complete change from the traditional way of learning.