My life-changing moment was becoming PMP certified. ProThoughts Solution

It is a great feeling to have achieved this feat. I had been dreaming about it for a while. It was finally done last week.
It was not an easy path. It required dedication, motivation, and sacrifices. During my certification journey, I learned that persistence is not enough. You also need to have the right sources of study materials (which suit your learning style) in order to succeed.
How I Prepared for the Exam
I didn’t know how to call this PMP cat! I did a lot of research on PMP preparation workshops in Mumbai, and decided to join ProThoughts based upon their track record, testimonials, and convenience at the workshop location. It was the best decision for a great start to my PMP preparation journey. ProThoughts workshop really helped me understand how to approach the exam and introduced me Rita Mulcahy to a wonderful PMP guide. It became my bible for PMP preparation.
I read Rita Mulcahy’s book twice, from cover to cover. And then referred it back multiple times to clarify the doubts about concepts/tools/strategies/theories for the topics like integrated Change Control, Risk, Quality, Resource and Procurement (which are covered fantastically in this book).
I then revisited all knowledge area topics using ProThoughts Blue-book (it was my 2nd reading of the blue-book, as I had previously read it 1 time after each workshop session) and the notes from ProThoughts PMP workshops.
I also solved all the topic-end quizzes Rita gave me, which gave me more confidence. This helped me stay focused.
I was unable to visualize the PMP process flow at this point. Then, I found Exams PM’s YouTube video.
Although I didn’t use the mnemonics trick in this video, it helped me to close the gap between the flow of PMP processes. I was able to recall all 49 processes as I studied the topics and the process chart. This was my third Rita+ ProThoughts Blue-Book read.
Next, I began solving Chritopher’s mock tests of 50 questions. I was able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge with its extensive explanations. This book is a great resource, as the explanations and quiz type/language matches Rita’s book, and you have great alignment and understanding of concepts.
After studying above-mentioned content, I was still lagging behind in the area of ITTOs [input-tools&techniques-output] and was failing in most of the ITTO related questions. Although Ricardo Vargas provided Process flow PDF, I didn’t want to rote it as it would only waste my time and not get me anywhere. Then I found videos. I went through them twice. It was a great help in understanding the “why” behind ITTOs. Then, I took all the topic assessments. They were of the highest quality. It really requires deep understanding of concepts/topics in order to answer them. It increased my confidence.
The next day, ProThoughts 1st mock exam was taken. I scored 74%. It helped me feel more confident. I passed the 2nd and 3rd mock exams with 84% and 88% respectively. It was a eureka moment for me! Each mock ProThought mock test provided excellent feedback and explanations to help fill in the knowledge gaps. Worth noting is the fact that many actual PMP exam questions were very similar to ProThoughts mock test 2 or 3. With this confidence, it was easy to book my exam date.
I tried to refer to PMBOK once during my preparation, but it was too technical. I put it aside. It was helpful in the Appendix and Glossary sections, which I used for the last 48 hours before taking my PMP exam. It answered a few questions about the definitions of terms.
The Exam Day Experience
I felt calm and confident the day before the exam.
Credit to my Gurus: Rita Mulcahy Book + Ashish Sadekar [ProThoughts]
Exam difficulty level was moderate for me. ProThoughts mock tests 2 and 3 were very similar to the questions I received in my PMP exam. The options were difficult and many of them had only 2 correct answers so I had to choose the best. Here, Prothoughts’ mock test feedback/explanations + Online topic discussions webinars helped me tremendously to select the “best available option”!! !
My exam consisted of 95% scenario-based questions (mostly from Perform Integrated Change Control Process and Risk Management), 2 EVM calculation based question + 5 very tricky Charter questions, plus 2 questions about Agile topic.
I didn’t take any breaks during my exam, and the rest area is not near your Mumbai prometric center exam room. I was done with my exam in 3 hours 50 minutes. I had 10 minutes to review my questions.
There is an additional dramatic aspect to this.