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AWS Certified Security-Specialty exam has been a highly sought after certification in the Information Technology field. With each passing day, the importance of the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is increasing. Passing the exam will make you a well-known candidate when you apply for a job. Many large companies are now looking for AWS Certified Security-Speciality professionals. This opens up many opportunities for those who wish to further their IT career.
There is always the possibility of failing the AWS Security-Specialty exam while you are preparing for it. And therefore, the demand for the AWS CertifiedSecurity-Specialty Cheat Sheet has become a hot topic between the potential aspirants. The AWS Security Specialty Cheat Sheet is your best friend and will help you pass the exam. This cheat sheet will provide you with a valuable learning experience.
This article will share the AWS Security-Specialty cheatsheet to help you in the preparation simulation. If you are still concerned about your investment in AWS Security Specialiality Cheat Sheet then let’s get to know more about it before we move onto the cheat sheet.
Security professionals and staff need to be proficient in the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification. They must also have a solid understanding of security principles, follow best practices, as well as expertise in key services available on the AWS platform.
This certification certifies the candidate’s AWS knowledge in security topics such as identity, data protection, encryption, infrastructure security, incident management, monitoring, and logging.
Exam Details
The AWS certified security specialty exam consists of multiple-choice and multi-response questions. It must be completed within 170 minutes. The passing score can be anywhere from 100 to 1000. You must score between 75% and 80% on a percentage basis. You will not lose any marks if you give the wrong answer. The exam will cost $300 USD. The exam is available in four languages: English, Japanese Korean, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.
Candidates must meet the AWS certified security specialty prerequisites before they can apply for certification.
First, candidates must have at least two years’ experience in securing AWS workloads.
Second, s/he must be familiar with security controls for workloads using AWS.
It is also required to have at least five years of experience in IT security design and implementation.
Course outline
The Course Outline is the blueprint for the exam guide that defines the course goals and learning outcomes. The course outline’s main purpose is to give candidates a general plan for the course. This will allow them to plan their schedules and learn more effectively.
The AWS Certified Security Specialty course outline only includes weightings and test domains. Let’s take another look at the table.
Domain 1 – Incident Response
First, you will need to evaluate the compromised instance or exposed access keys if you are given an AWS abuse notification.
Ensure that you have included AWS services in your Incident Response Plan.
Also, assess the configuration of automated alarming and take appropriate remediation for security-related incidents or emerging issues.
Domain 2 – Logging & Monitoring
First, you must design and implement security monitoring.
Secondly, troubleshoot security monitoring alerting.
Third, design and implement a log management solution.
Fourth, troubleshoot log solutions.
Domain 3 – Infrastructure Security
First, AWS security design edge
The next step is to design and implement a secure network architecture.
You can also troubleshoot your network infrastructure.
You can also design and implement host-based security.
Domain 4 – Identity & Access Management
First, create and implement a scalable authorization system and authentication system to allow AWS resources to be accessed.
Afterward, you can troubleshoot an authorization or authentication system to access AWS resources.
Domain 5 – Data protection
First, design and implement key management.
Troubleshoot key management issues.
Also, you should design and implement a data encryption system for data in transit and data at rest.
AWS Cheat Sheet
The AWS cheatsheet contains the basic terms used in the AWS landscape. These terms include information about AWS services as well as details about cloud computing. AWS terminology cheat sheets would include information about AWS (Amazon Web Services), and cloud computing.
Cloud Computing and Services
The AWS cheat sheet provides information about cloud computing as well as the types of cloud. Cloud computing is an internet-based computing service that involves a large network of remote servers. It allows for central data storage and easy access to computer services and resources. Cloud computing can be divided into three types: public, private, or hybrid.
The public cloud is a third-party service provider that provides resources and services to customers via the internet.
The private cloud is the provision and management services and resources that are specific to a company.
A hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private cloud traits.
AWS Influence
The AWS Cloud Practitioner cheatsheet was created with AWS influence. This allows for a better understanding of the AWS Cloud Practitioner cheat sheet.