AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Format Blog

The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is designed to help cloud security professionals improve their understanding of designing and implementing security solutions to protect the AWS platform. Candidates will also learn about the AWS data protection mechanisms and specialized data classification. They will also learn about encryption methods and AWS mechanisms for implementing them. This course is intended for candidates who are interested in security roles.
Exam Overview: AWS Certified Security Specialty
The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam validates the candidate’s ability demonstrate knowledge about AWS. AWS is a leading cloud service provider worldwide. Many organizations are now hiring AWS professionals, which has increased the demand for AWS certifications. It is also important to understand the AWS platform as its architectural principles, account management and other key services are skills that are sought after by thousands of companies around the world.
AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Format
This exam format will help to plan your strategy for preparing and attempting the test in the best way.
First, the maximum time allowed for the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam (AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam) is 170 minutes.
Secondly, the exam is based on multiple-choice/multiple-select questions. You will have several options for each question. To find the right answer, you can use elimination.
There are no negative points for incorrect answers. You can also use guesswork whenever you need it.
The exam fee for AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam costs $300. You will need to pay taxes according to your local laws.
AWS Security Specialty Course Outline
The AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam covers these topics:
Incident Response – 12%
Assess the compromised instance or exposed access keys using an AWS abuse notification
Verify that the Incident Response Plan includes AWS services relevant
Evaluate the configuration for automated alerting and take appropriate remediation of security-related incidents or emerging issues
Module 2: Logging & Monitoring – 20%
Security monitoring and alerting can be designed and implemented
Troubleshoot security monitoring alerting
Implement a logging solution
Troubleshoot log solutions
Module 3: Infrastructure Security – 26%
AWS offers security design options
Secure network infrastructure design and implementation
Troubleshoot a secure network architecture
Host-based security can be designed and implemented
Module 4: Identity & Access Management – 20%
To access AWS resources, design and implement a scalable authorization system and authentication system
Troubleshoot an authorization or authentication system to access AWS resources
Module 5: Data Protection – 22%
Implement key management and use design
Troubleshoot key management
Implement a data encryption solution to protect data in transit and data at rest.

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Preparing for the AWS Certified Security Specialty Examination
The best learning materials are the most important thing to do when preparing for an exam. The success of a candidate in an exam is dependent on the quality of his or her learning materials. It is recommended that you visit the official website for more resources. Next, go through your course syllabus. This will help you understand the exam. This will help you be more organized.
If you have a good understanding of the syllabus, you can plan your entire preparation. To be successful in the exam, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. You can also join online forums. This will allow you to network with others who share the same goal and will be really beneficial for you.
Instructor-led training is also available. It is still the gold standard in learning and is highly valued because of the complexity of the topics that can be solved. You can also get an immediate response to all your questions and have hands-on experience. Practice tests are a good idea. It will build your confidence. It will make you the best version of yourself.
You can also supplement your preparations by taking our online course. The course covers all aspects of the exam and is delivered in video lectures. You also get unlimited lifetime access to the course once you have purchased it. This can be very useful in breaking down complex concepts into smaller segments that are easier to understand.
Experts Corner
AWS certification can make a huge difference. AWS certification will improve your AWS service skills, which will allow you to be hired by a company that offers a great package. AWS is being used by companies all over the world because it allows them to reach a larger audience. You can also take the practice exam to gain more confidence. This will help you to better understand the structure of your exam. Practice always makes a man perfect, so do give practice tests.
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