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The IT industry faces a major problem right now: not enough qualified professionals to manage and build an IT team with proper security and supervision. Amazon Web Services was a key stepping stone in meeting these requirements with the AWS Security Certification. The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam validates cloud security professionals’ knowledge and ability to secure the AWS platform. AWS Certified Security Speciality is a specialist level exam that requires more effort and hard work to pass. You need the right preparation material to pass this certification exam. TestprepTraining offers the AWS Certified Security Specialty Online Training Course, which is taught by subject experts to help you gain the required proficiency.
The AWS Certified Security Specialty C01 certification online course has been created to help you prepare and accelerate your career in cloud security. This AWS security certification will also show your expertise in working with Cloud security. Before we get into the details, let’s first review the exam and then jump right into the online course.
About AWS Certified Security-Specialty Exam
The AWS Certified Security-Specialty certificate is the perfect place to learn about your specialization. Candidates must be able to design and implement security solutions, as well as manage secure AWS workloads. Anyone who is interested in working with Amazon Web Services security can apply for AWS Security Specialty Certificate. You can compare the AWS certification exam with other Amazon certifications at the specialist level. AWS Certified Security Specialist Certification will put you one step ahead of your peers when it comes to securing lucrative AWS jobs. The demand for AWS Certified Security Specialist (AWS CSS), certification seems to be very high due to the constantly evolving technology. It can improve your career prospects and increase your confidence in the fact they are certified in their fields of expertise.
Exam Overview
The AWS Security Specialty Certification exam is not for advanced-level candidates. The questions reflect the difficulty in fully testing the security expertise of AWS security experts. The AWS Certified Security-Specialty (SCS-01) exam will validate your ability to demonstrate your proficiency in AWS security.
AWS data security and data distribution services for specialized data.
Data encryption techniques and AWS mechanisms are also available to enforce them.
Secure Internet protocols and AWS tools are available to help you achieve them.
Eventually, you will have the skills acquired from two to more years of production deployment experience using AWS Security.
Your intelligence will allow you to make decisions about cost, surveillance and deployment complexity.
This exam allows professionals to validate their skills and knowledge in the AWS Certified Security Specialist certification exam. AWS accreditation is more than a great resume. It can also help you achieve your salary increase goals. According to independent surveys, 70% said that they would receive a bonus of up to 20% if they were certified by AWS.
This learning method is for anyone who wants to understand, clarify, and perform keys to authorize security controls on all levels of AWS infrastructure arrangements. As in all questions, the Exam material will test your knowledge and experience as an AWS-certified safety expert.
Before you sit for the exam, make sure to review the following AWS certified security – specialty prerequisites.
Minimum 5 years of experience in IT security, structuring, and implementing security arrangements.
Two years of practical experience in securing AWS Workloads is sufficient.
Information about security conventions that are applicable to handling workloads on AWS.
Exam Details
AWS Security Specialty Certification questions are structured in 65 MCQ questions. This will give you 170 minutes to choose the right answer. AWS does not mark incorrect responses and treats every answer as such, unlike competitive exams. Finaly, you will receive the results of your exam as a score between 100 and 1,000, with a minimum passing threshold of 750 marks. To get a detailed report on your performance, your total score will be divided among the different types of questions.
Name of the examAWS Certified Security – SpecialtyExam codeSCS-01No. number of questions asked65Passing marks750/1000Cost to take the exam$300 USDLanguages offeredEnglish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified ChineseExam validity3-yearsCourse outline
The AWS Certified Security Specialty course outline is divided into five domains. These domains include the following. Each domain will help you learn the concepts necessary to pass the exam.
Module 1: Incident Response- 12%
First, examine the AWS abuse notice to determine whether there is a compromised instance or exposed access key.
Verify that the Incident Response Plan includes appropriate AWS services.
Also, evaluate the configuration of automated alarming and take appropriate remediation for security-related incidents or emerging issues.
Module 2: Logging & Monitoring – 20%
First, design and implement security monitoring.
Troubleshoot security monitoring, alerting.
Afterward, design and implement a log management solution.
Last but not least, Troubleshoot Logging Solutions.
Module 3: Infrastructure Security – 26%
First, AWS Design Edge Security
Also, Design and