What is the difference between Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel?

Technology is constantly evolving in this digitally connected world. The cloud and IT sector have seen new opportunities with cost-effective, scalable, and low-resource methods. These methods are being used by top companies and organizations to provide better services and increase their benefits. These services must be provided in a safe and secure environment. This is because hackers and threats are constantly trying to disrupt these services. Microsoft offers Azure Sentinel, Security Center and other services to help users deal with all of these issues and provide a secure route.
These are two services that have different goals, but they both aim to provide a safe environment. Which one is better? This is a question that can be asked. This blog will help you understand the differences between these services. We’ll also compare their features and other information. Let’s start by giving a brief overview of these services.
What is Azure Sentinel?
Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native, scalable SIEM (security event management) and SOAR [security orchestration automated response] solution. This provides advanced security analytics and threat information over an organization. It offers a single solution to alert detection, threat visibility and proactive hunting. Azure Sentinel can also be considered a birds-eye, providing a 360-degree view of the entire organization. This reduces stress from increasingly sophisticated attacks, increases the volume of alerts and provides long resolution times. Azure Sentinel is also responsible for:
First, data collection at cloud scale for all users and devices, applications, infrastructure, both on-premises as well as in multiple clouds.
Secondly, detecting previously undiscovered threats and lowering false negatives using Microsoft’s unparalleled threat intelligence and analytics.
Third, investigate threats using artificial intelligence and search for suspicious activities at large scale.
Finally, incident response can be quickened with built-in orchestration.
Azure Sentinel Components:
Azure Sentinel combines SIEM and SOAR capabilities into one product. Where,
Security information and event management (SIEM), are used to analyze the environment and distinguish between normal and unusual incidents. This can be trained and tampered with to improve its capabilities.
Security automation, response, and security orchestration (SOAR) allow security teams to automate incident response workflows by integrating all tools, systems and applications within the security toolset.
What is Azure Security Center?
Azure Security Center is a unified security management system that secures data centers and offers advanced threat protection for hybrid workloads in cloud. It provides tools for hardening your network, protecting your services, and maintaining a high security posture. The three most pressing security issues are identified by Azure Security Center:
First, the rapid change in workloads. This allows end-users to do more and ensure that the services they use and create are up to your security standards.
There has been an increase in sophisticated attacks. This is because the attacks are getting more sophisticated. You need to ensure that the public cloud workloads are protected by following security best practices.
Security skills are also in short supply. This means that the number security alerting systems and security systems far outnumbers those with the necessary experience and background to ensure that the environments are safe and secure.