What is the Microsoft SC-900 Exam Format and Format? Blog

This Microsoft SC-900 exam is for professionals who wish to learn the basics of cloud-based and related Microsoft Services security, compliance, identity (SCI). The Microsoft SC-900 exam is suitable for all audiences, including business stakeholders, IT professionals new or old, students interested in Microsoft security, compliance and identity solutions. Let’s look at the Microsoft SC-900 Exam Pattern. Let us begin by briefly describing the exam and its requirements.
About Microsoft SC-900 Exam
Microsoft’s Active Directory is an industry standard for enterprise identification. Any company can have best-in class identity management and directory services while also quickly implementing Zero-Trust models with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory cloud variant. The Microsoft SC-900 Exam covers the following topics: Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Exam.
Zero-Trust Model, Security and Compliance Concepts
Active Directory in Azure
Azure Defender and Microsoft Office 365
M365 Compliance Center
There are many Azure Security and Networking Services.
Knowledge Requirement
Candidates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. They should also be curious about how Microsoft security and compliance solutions can be applied across these solution areas in order to provide a holistic, end-to-end solution. These are the requirements for passing the exam:
Candidates must be familiar with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Microsoft SC-900 Exam.
They must also understand how Microsoft security, compliance and identity solutions can be combined across these solution areas to provide end to end solutions.
Let’s now get to the main point.
Exam Format
The Microsoft SC-900 Exam contains 40-60 questions in a variety formats. These include scenario-based single-answer questions, multiple-choice question types, arrange in the correct order type questions, drag-and-drop questions, mark review and drag-and-drop questions. To pass the SC-900 exam, candidates must score 700 or more. The Microsoft SC-900 Exam costs USD 99 and is only available in English.
This exam tests your ability to describe security and compliance concepts, as well as the capabilities and capabilities of Microsoft access management and identity solutions. It also assesses your ability and knowledge of Microsoft compliance solutions. Like other important cloud exams like the AZ-900 and MS-900, the SC 900 is a critical exam that covers a wide variety of topics. The exam is not difficult and covers a wide variety of topics such as identities, compliance and information security.
For more information about the exam, let’s take a look at the outline of the exam.
Microsoft SC-900 Exam Course Outline
Microsoft has provided a course outline covering the major sections of the SC-900 exam to assist in preparation. This includes:
Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity
Describe security methods
describing the Zero-Trust methodology (Microsoft Documentation:zero-trust methodology)
Describe the shared responsibility model (Microsoft Doctation:shared responsibility model. Shared responsibility in cloud).
define defense in depth (Microsoft Documentation:What is defense in depth?)
Describe security concepts
describing common threats (Microsoft Documentation:Understanding malware & other threats)
describe encryption (Microsoft Documentation:Encryption)
Describe Microsoft Security and Compliance Principles
describing Microsoft’s privacy principles (Microsoft Documentation:Microsoft’s privacy principles,Microsoft Privacy)
describe the offerings of the service trust portal (Microsoft Documentation:offerings of the Service Trust Portal)
Describe the capabilities and benefits of Microsoft Identity & Access Management Solutions
Define identity