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Are you aspiring to become a Microsft Azure Certified Professional? If so, then you are probably looking for the best and most reliable study material for the Microsoft Azure AZ500 exam. If this is the case, you can count yourself lucky. We are here to help with any hurdles you may face during your preparation.
To help you prepare, we will illustrate every aspect of the exam in this article. This article will help you start preparations for the exam immediately. So, let us begin!
Why choose Microsoft Certification?
One of the most difficult things you might face when considering Microsoft Azure certification. You might have second thoughts about your certification. To clear your mind, read the blog below.
“Microsoft certification helps you keep up-to date on the latest technologies in an organized way to build future career opportunities.”
This quote is enough to sum it all. Microsoft is a well-known organization that offers certification courses in cloud computing. The AZ-900 exam is a great choice for candidates who are new to the field and want to learn more about Azure basics. Cloud security is vital for both personal and business users. This has led to an increase in security jobs. This has led to an increase in the demand for Microsoft certified professionals.
Let’s now move on and gather the exam-related details to get more familiar with the exam.
Exam Abstract: AZ500 Exam
It is a smart way to prepare for the exam. It is important to understand the actual exam. Before you apply for the AZ500 exam, let’s first get an overview.
The Microsoft Azure AZ500 exam measures your ability and willingness to complete technical tasks. Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Azure security engineers, who implement security controls, maintain security posture, and control identity, access, and other related tasks.
Basic Details
The Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam consists of 40-60 questions. The exam takes only 150 minutes. $165 USD is the cost of AZ-500 certification. The exam can be taken in English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified), as well as Korean. To pass the exam, you must score 700 points or more.
After the exam details, you can now focus on the AZ500 prerequisites that play a critical role in every exam. It is better to make sure you are the right fit for the exam. Candidates who are applying for the AZ500 exam must meet the following eligibility requirements:
First, ensure you have a solid understanding of Azure technologies. This will give you an advantage.
Secondly, if this is not the case, it is recommended to first pass either the Azure AZ-901 (Azure Fundamentals), or the AZ-103 exam (Azure Administrator).
Although it is not required to pass any of these exams, it is highly recommended. This is because you need to be familiar with Azure technologies and clear about it. You must be able to pass the AZ-500 exam the first time you attempt it.
Now you’re fully prepared for the exam. Let’s continue to learn the skills you need to pass the AZ-500 exam.
Essential Skills: AZ500 Exam
You might be curious to learn the requirements for the AZ 500 exam. We have compiled a list of essential skills that you will need to pass the exam. Take your time and go through each step carefully.