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Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam
Companies around the world have seen a huge rise in public cloud spending since 2018. The numbers continue to rise over the next 2 years. Cloud computing can be easily started with the Microsoft AZ-900 exam.
The Microsoft AZ-900 exam was specifically designed for people who have no technical background. This exam is suitable for candidates who want to validate their coreAzure cloud services skills. Candidates who want to learn more about Azure fundamentals can take the AZ-900 exam. They can also explore the field to find better opportunities.
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AZ-900 exams require candidates understand the core components of Cloud Services, master security, privacy compliance and trust, as well as Azure Pricing and Support.
Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Details
First, 99 USD is the registration fee for Microsoft AZ-900 exam. The exam takes 85 minutes. Microsoft AZ-900 is just like any other Microsoft exam. It contains approximately 40-60 questions. There are many types of questions in the exam. These include case study, multiple-choices, short answers, mark review, drag-and-drop, and multiple-choice. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. To pass the exam, you must score 700 or higher. The examination is only available in English and Korean (Simplified), Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified).
Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam Format
Exam NameExam AZ:900: Microsoft Azure FundamentalsTechnologyMicrosoft AzurePrerequisitesNILExam Cost$99 USDExam Question40-60 questionsPassing Score700 and aboveExam Duration85 minutesExam FormatMultiple choices and Multiple ResponsesLet’s move towards getting an insight into the course outline and the topics that you will be required to prepare for better preparation.
Microsoft AZ-900 Course Outline
This section is crucial for anyone who plans to take the Microsoft Azure AZ900 exam. This section is crucial for anyone who intends to take the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 exam. You won’t be able pass the exam if you skip this section. To be able to pass the exam, you need to know the course outline.
This section serves as a guide for all of you. These are the key resources that will determine your final result. Make sure you are well-versed in all of the areas listed below. Your remarks will be more memorable if you have better concepts. So, let’s start.
DOMAIN 1: Understanding cloud concepts (15-20%)
The first section explains the benefits and considerations associated with cloud services.
The second section is devoted to.