Which online course is best for Microsoft Azure AZ-103 certification? Blog

Microsoft Azure AZ-103 certification courses may be the missing link for those who are interested in cloud computing IT fields. Many people don’t want to work in traditional old-school jobs. Alternative education has generated a lot of buzz. Certification courses are booming as technology advances rapidly and everything can be found online. Certification courses are an important part of the education system for both scholars and experts who want to improve their skills and advance in their careers.
Microsoft AZ-103 has been retired. A replacement exam Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) has been released.
The only question is how to prepare for the Azure AZ103 certification exam. If you are also struggling with this question and don’t know which course to take, Don’t worry. We’ll tell you which online course you should take to pass the Microsoft Azure AZ-103 exam.
Before we can understand which online course will help you achieve your goal, let’s first learn what the AZ-103 exam is all about. Let’s start with the benefits that Microsoft Certification offers.
Microsoft Certification Benefits
There are many benefits that a Microsoft candidate can enjoy when he or she applies for the position. Here are some certification benefits you will enjoy.
First, the candidate will be awarded industry-recognized certification.
Second, understand and learn the computing skills that companies are looking for.
Afterwards, increase the workforce resume.
You should also be different from other applicants.
Learn valuable experience and confidence in your work.
You can also increase your earning potential.
It is also helpful in planning for a successful future.
What is the Microsoft Azure AZ103 exam?
The cloud computing industry is one of the most important fields in the IT sector. A certification course such as AZ-103 is a great place to start if you are interested in cloud computing. This will boost your confidence and help you bridge the gap.
The new AZ103 exam includes both the skills of AZ100 and AZ101. This means that most of the revised exam are from AZ100. The AZ-103 exam is for candidates who will be responsible for maintaining and implementing cloud services. These services include storage, security and networking as well as compute cloud capabilities. It is important to be able to understand each service and its full IT life cycle and to be able to respond to requests for infrastructure, applications, and environments. This exam will assess your knowledge of the azure administrator.
All exam details: Microsoft AZ-103
It is always a good idea to learn as much information and subject matter as possible before you attempt any exam. Before you begin preparing for the AZ103 exam. Let’s look at some details provided by Microsoft Azure administrator.
The az103 exam is comprised of 40-60 questions. The exam is only available in English. The exam costs 165 USD.
Are there any prerequisites for the AZ-103 Exam exam?
This exam is not unlike any other azure exam. However, you will need to have some prior knowledge and experience with Azure Portal and ARM templates, operating system, virtualization, storage structures, networking, and cloud infrastructure. You should also be proficient in PowerShell and Command Line Interface.
Exam Details
Exam NameMicrosoft Azure AdministratorExam CodeAZ-103Exam PrerequisitesNILExam Questions40-60 QuestionsExam Fees$165 USD*Exam LanguageEnglishCourse Outline
AZ-103 is a combination AZ-100/AZ-100. There is therefore more material to be covered. Expect the same 40-60 questions for the exam. You can expect questions from different modules. Let’s just say that you can expect questions from different modules.