Why should you become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator? Blog

Microsoft Azure has proven itself to be a leader in cloud computing. Many large businesses and organizations are choosing Azure because of its advanced network of data centers and high storage options. This has created a need for individuals who can manage and administer Azure implementations. Azure Administrator is the most popular job in Microsoft Azure Platform. The Azure Administrator role is a popular one as it offers many benefits and pathways to more advanced certifications. To be eligible for this position, you must pass the AZ-104 certification exam. This is the newest version AZ-103 exam.
The discussion does not end here. This blog will discuss the updated exam version and a new pathway to becoming an Azure administrator. We will also discuss the industry requirements and value of this exam. Let’s start by giving you a brief overview of Azure Administrator.
Overview of the Microsoft Azure Administrator Role
This role is for candidates who can implement, monitor, maintain, and update Microsoft Azure solutions. They must also be able to use the major services, including storage, networking, security, and computing. You will also be able to access many benefits by earning Microsoft Azure Administrators certification. This role is valuable and secure for the future because of many factors. Let’s find out about some of these reasons:
First, Azure Administrators are in high demand due to the rapid growth of Azure certifications. It will also add value to your CV during the hiring process.
A majority of candidates agree that the Azure certification has increased their earnings. Around 84% of candidates report better job prospects after becoming Microsoft Azure certified.
Finally, getting certified and updating your LinkedIn profile using this certificate will increase your job profile and increase the likelihood of being selected.
Now you have an overview of the basics and skills required to become an Azure Administrator. Next, we’ll discuss the details of the exam and the path that will get you to your goal of becoming a Microsoft Certified Administrator. Before that, there is an important update on the exam.
Important Update for the Azure Administrator Exam
It is important to be up-to-date with all information regarding the exam before you begin the journey towards certification. Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 certification exam, an upgrade to the AZ-103 exam. This exam will replace the AZ-103 exam and provide a new route to becoming a Microsoft Azure Administrator.
Candidates who have registered for the AZ-103 exam need not worry. The AZ-104 exam beta version is available and candidates can take it around March 31, 2020. Candidates can take the AZ103 exam until they are retired on or around August 31, 2020.
Let’s now learn about the new AZ-104 exam and the requirements for certification.
Understanding Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam
The AZ-104 exam, which is a new version of AZ-103, will help you become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator. The AZ-104 exam, as its name suggests, is for candidates who have knowledge in managing and administering Azure implementations. Candidates must be able to use services for monitoring, computing, and virtual network in the cloud-based environment. The AZ-104 exam is a sure way to be a successful candidate in the IT industry.
AZ-104 Certification Exam Det