Ten Tips to Make the Most of Conference Attendance

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Conference season is here (isn’t it always? There’s always something going, so it’s a good time to brush up on your networking skills and get ready for your industry conference.

Get ready for a conference
Before you go
1. Be light
2. Charge your gadgets
3. Check the schedule
4. Get business cards
5. Make a hit-list
The day
6. Wear your badge
7. Edit your badge
8. Carefully hand out your business cards
9. Note the cards you get
10. Your hit list should be reviewed.
Bonus Tip: Bail out of a bad presentation
Conference FAQWhat is the dress code at a professional conference?
What should I bring to a conference
What can I do after attending a conference

Get ready for a conference
You will get more out of any event if you prepare well before you go, regardless of whether it’s a small social gathering at work, or a large industry congress.
It is a significant investment to attend conferences. Therefore, it is important to think about how you can benefit from your time there. These are some tips to help you prepare to attend a professional conference.
Before you go
1. Be light
What should you bring to a professional conference You should only bring the essentials.
A small notebook is a good idea. This Moleskin notebook is my favorite, but a spiral bound notebook that’s less expensive is also an option. It can be used to write on your lap flat while you write.
A good conference organizer will give you copies of slides and blank papers for notes. However, you may want to keep your own notes in case you are not able to attend a session.
Keep your handbag simple and avoid buying unnecessary items.
There is one exception to this rule: If you are attending a large event with many stands, make sure to bring a bag to hold all your documents and freebies. A stall will have a lot of leaflets and samples, so you won’t be able walk past one without being given some.
Even if you’re only going to a day full of lectures, you can still take home lecture notes, pens, and company flyers.
2. Charge your gadgets
Make sure your tablet is able to take notes or tweet live from the event. It is not a good idea to be tied to a power socket in a corridor of a hotel.
You want to get the most from the conference. Don’t be stuck at the charging station while you could be networking!
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You can save time by deciding which presentations you wish to see. This is especially important for conferences that have multiple tracks or streams.
Check out the schedule. Research the topics and the speakers. You should plan your conference around the events you are most interested in and be open to adjusting to other events.
If you don’t find anything on the schedule that inspires or motivates you, you can take an hour off. You can sit in the lounge, browse the exhibition hall, or go to the front of the queue for coffee, as long you feel you are still getting value for your money.
Conferences are a great investment in your career and yourself. Don’t let them go.
4. Get business cards
If you don’t have business cards, it is a good idea to get them.
You can pack business cards to hand out at any (relevant) opportunity so that you don’t seem out of touch when someone asks you for yours and you give them theirs.
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