Best Free Project Management Software For 2022

Collaboration in project management software increases team performance and improves delivery rates. For smaller organizations, however, the cost of a subscription to PM software can be prohibitive. Your team may want to try out a new tool before making an investment. These are just a few of the many reasons to use free project management software.
Benefits of free project management software
There are many types of project management software. These solutions help an individual, team, or entire organization become more efficient at scheduling projects, identifying needed processes, and tracking progress/productivity as you move toward your projects’ goals.
Many free online project management tools offer the same features as premium versions, but not both.
Many free project management software offers basic functionality to a small team, while offering premium functionality to larger groups. Software solutions that are free can be invaluable in helping businesses get started. They are far better than sticky notes on a whiteboard.
However, as with all free software, users need to be aware of their limitations before using a tool in production.
Top Project Management Software, Free Versions
If you are new to project management, free software is the best place to start. As your projects become more complex it might be worth looking into a paid solution. If you’re ready to learn about more top-rated project management software, the editors at actively recommend the following:

Types of free project management software
There are many options and configurations available for free project management software.
Online PM Software
Many online PM software providers offer a freemium version of their products. They offer a limited or free forever version that limits certain aspects of the tool in order to convert regular users to upgrade to premium tiers as their projects grow and their business grows.
On-Premise PM Software
Users who prefer to manage their own projects can also get free on-premises project management software. This could be desktop apps of web software or downloadable open-source tools like ProjectLibre. Users are more responsible for keeping their PM software up-to-date, but they also have control over when those updates are made.
PM Software Free to Try
Enterprise-grade project management software offers advanced features that can be beneficial to growing businesses. These vendors offer fully functional online PM software for a limited period in the hope that exceptional software features, support, or other value-added services will convince users to sign up at the end.
The Essential Features of Project Management Software
Software for project management, whether subscription-based or free forever, helps teams and companies navigate the various stages and processes of a project’s lifecycle with precision and ease. However, free PM tools are limited in their capabilities. Users must decide what features, access, and how they can be used to meet their needs.
Task Management: Users can add, break down and assign tasks to their various stages. The best project management software is free and allows teams to view, sort and prioritize tasks. It also allows users to capture details and allow for changes.
Team Collaboration: Project management software should allow for team collaboration. Users should ensure that at least two members of the team can use the PM tool. A tool should allow users to collaborate on common projects using tools like comments, group chat, file-sharing, proofing.