6 Reasons to Learn Android Developer

No industry can say they don’t use Google Android OS at some point. Android is an integral part of every person’s day, whether they are working in the workplace or at home. Statista estimates that it accounts for 80% in smartphone sales. This means that there is a constant demand for Android developers and a high supply of them. If you’ve ever wanted to take an Android development course, now is the time. The IT sector has more opportunities than any other industry. Google launched the latest OTA update to Android Lollipop for phones made by Motorola and Nexus. Google also released Lollipop-II, the latest OTA update for Android Lollipop on phones made by Motorola and Nexus.
1. Open source code:
Android offers many benefits, but its greatest benefit is its open-source code. Google, unlike other OS creators allows a wide variety of electronics manufacturers to access their code, allowing them use Android in their products. This includes companies such as HTC and Asus, along with newer players such as Vivo and OnePlus.
Technology advances make it more compact, efficient, affordable, and more accessible. As rates drop, more Android devices will be on the market, increasing the market size and, consequently, the market share of Android. Google Play Store:
Apps offer a more mobile-first and specialised experience than websites or browsers. This experience has improved tenfold since the launch of Google Play. iTunes and the Apple app store were a dream for many, and few people could afford Apple products when smartphones were becoming mainstream. Android has made it easier for the masses to access Android and has simplified the user experience to a great degree.
Every day, more than 1.5 million devices, including tablets, smartphones, and ebook readers, are activated across the globe. As people move from a single-screen lifestyle to a dual-screen one, this number is increasing daily.
Today, there are more than 2.56 million apps in the Google Play Store. This number is growing as more apps are created by businesses and developers continue to explore.
Users can access more than 60% of the apps in the Google Play Store for free. Even paid apps usually have a minimal charge.
3. Increasing Job Opportunities
Google and Android offer interesting revenue models. Many organisations are creating dedicated teams to develop apps and hiring openly. App development can open up many opportunities to work as an employee or freelancer. It will be easy to learn how apps can be developed for other OS platforms as an Android developer.
You can make well over $94,000 a year as an Application Developer. Programmers and designers can easily earn between $80,000 and $70,000 annually. These are just a few of the many roles and compensations available to professionals who have knowledge in Android development. Pricing and revenue
Google allows you to price your app on the Google Play Store as a developer. You have the option to make your app free and earn revenue through advertisements or to create a paid app that provides an ad-free experience for users. You can also choose Spotify’s revenue model. This allows you to create a free app and offer premium subscriptions that are ad-free. Google charges a fixed Play Store fee for hosting your app. This fee is deducted before you receive your payout. This shouldn’t stop you from creating great apps. A popular app can also generate great revenue with millions of users visiting the Google Play Store every day.
5. Large range of compatible devs