10 Myths of Project Management

Are your projects fraught with frustration, but high in fulfillment? Are your projects more evil than they are delicious? Your perception of how projects should be managed could be the root of your misery. Here are some myths about project management. Start debunking them in yourprojects
MythNo. 1: Projects are now similar to projects back then
Truth: Projects have changed. We haven’t. We don’t know what the difference is between now and then. Projects “then” divided well-defined activities into smaller, more independent pieces. The management knew how they would fit together. Projects “now”, include many possibilities and discoveries. Nobody knows how they will fit together. They need the blind to lead the blind, which creates fundamentally new opportunities and demands that are not present in past eras.
MythNo. MythNo. MythNo.2: You must give up on yourself for yourproject
Truth: You encourage the death march to wicked projects by giving up your project. A wicked project will flourish if you lose sight of the ultimate purpose of your project. It can lead to a failure that feels like failure. You should not let your good intentions be used to undermine what you want. You must be honest about what you want. Only then will you be generous and make a meaningful impact.
MythNo. MythNo.3 – Milling about is a waste
The truth is that the most successful projects begin with a critical period of milling-around. Even if you feel the need to do it immediately, don’t forget about the time needed to fully understand the chaos and put off your best-laid plans. You will need to spend more time mucking around as your project loses its direction. Be patient. Be deliberate. Hasten slowly. You will succeed.
MythNo. 4: Best practices produce successfulprojects
Truth: The best practices of others can influence your best judgment. Ask them to not help you define your project. Invite them to assist you with your project. They are not yours to use. They can be adapted. If a method is being used, no one is in charge. Your project is your best option. Don’t allow other people’s methods to become your madness.
MythNo. MythNo. MythNo.5: Customers must be satisfied
Truth: Your customer is as blind about your project as you are. You can’t just follow him, you’ll end up blindly following him. Instead, take control and join him. Use your judgment. Refuse to back off. Avoid the failure that can happen when you make the customer your boss blindly.
MythNo. 6: Trust must be earned
Truth: Trust cannot be earned, it must come from the heart. It is both the cost of sitting at a table and the reward. Trust and trustworthiness are built when you trust others with all your heart.
MythNo. MythNo.7: Chaos is possible without organization and order
Truth: Chaos can occur without organization according to conventional wisdom. Sometimes even chaos can lead to order. These situations are rare. Clear purpose. Combining purpose and people will result in order, not chaos. Clarity is key to success. Organization will follow.
MythNo. 8: External motivation works
Truth is that no one is indifferent about pursuing his goals. If they don’t give up their time to achieve the project’s goals, you can’t motivate them. When you help others find their purpose, motivation will come naturally.
MythNo. 9: Tight controls improve performance
Truth: A project community is not a symphony. It’s an orchestra that plays a specific score and has a conductor to direct them. It’s a jazz band, where musicians agree on a key or rhythm, and the group takes over, shifting and embellishing as needed. Their improvisational parts create a seamless whole that is not hampered by a strict script or close direction.