Ten Signs You Need A New Tool To Manage Your Tasks

It can be difficult for project managers to manage multiple projects simultaneously. This is due to the constantly changing business environment, where new products and services are introduced every day and new technology continues to be developed. Project managers need tools that enable them to use agile development methods. There are many tools available on the market and most organizations have at least one. These tools are focused on planning, scheduling and timesheet management, as well as quality metrics management, customer helpdesk management, and quality metrics management. It can be difficult for you to decide if the software is right or if the person using the software doesn’t know all the features.
The 10 warning signs
1. You manually update project schedules if a task is rescheduled or delayed.
Project managers spend more time updating spreadsheets and recalculating deadlines that actually managing and guiding project teams. Project management tools link all activities and automatically update the changes in one task.
2. To find the right resource, you spend more time manually searching through multiple spreadsheets and resource databases. Finally, you contact your HR manager for assistance.
It can be cost-effective to automate the scheduling of resources for your project portfolio. Project automation software links the resource database with the resource allocation module and updates the skillset following each project or training.
3. Your project teams prefer informal meetings, emails and phone conversations for project discussions to the collaboration tools offered by the project management software.
Your collaboration software tools will have bugs and errors that are not easily fixed, so your teams will spend more time working via email.
4. Your IT department spends a lot time making sure data flows smoothly from one project management tool to another specialized tool and back into your accounting system.
Sometimes, you might need to purchase project management tools that focus on a specific process such as time tracking, invoicing, managing customer issue tickets, or billing. Some tools are focused only on project planning. It can be difficult for all of these tools to be integrated and data flow ensured.
5. Your project teams must log into their office computers to fill out their timesheets
This can cause delays in timesheet submissions which can result in cash flow disruptions and delayed invoice raising. To help your team manage their time, you should consider a cloud-based solution for timesheet management.