13 Steps to Estimate Activity Resources Process

The fourth process in the Time Management knowledge area is the Estimate Activity Resources Process. The Planning Process includes the Estimate Activity Resources Process. What is the purpose of the Estimate Activity Resources Process process? You will learn all about the Estimate Activity Resources Process if you are enrolled in PMP certification training. Understanding the Estimate Activity Resources Process is a requirement of the PMP exam.
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This article will explain what the Estimate Activity Resources Process looks like and provide an example. You can also use a PMP simulator to test your knowledge.
What is it?
The estimation of activity resources process is a short way to determine which resources will be responsible for which activities. The estimation of the quantity and type of activity resources is the process of:
Human resources
Materials required for each activity

You will need a performer to complete a project activity. For example, a software developer or civil engineer for a software project. Materials that will be used in the production of the project deliverable. For instance, cement, wood, steel etc. Construction will require the use of various equipment. Trucks and cranes will be used to lift and place materials. The estimation of all resources in a project is done using the Estimate Activity Resources process. Once the activities have been arranged in the sequence activities process, it is possible to determine the type and amount of resources that are required.
For example, how many construction workers and civil engineers will you need for the construction project, as well as the amount of cement, steel, and wood. Those that will be used in the project are determined during Estimate activity resources.

What is involved?
This process involves 13 steps. Let’s take a look at each one.
Checking your resource availability: Your company might not have the necessary resources. Your company might not have the right software developer to meet the requirements for a niche project that requires software development. You should consider other options, such as outsourcing the resource or hiring a new developer.
Review of WBS/activity list: Activity resources will be estimated for project activities. These activities are part of the WBS, so WBS and the activity list must be reviewed in the Estimate Activity Resource Process. For each activity on the activity list, necessary resource estimations will also be made.
Identifying potential resources: If it’s possible to allocate who will perform a particular project activity, these should be identified.
Reviewing historical information about resource reuse: If there was a similar project within the organization, it would be very helpful for you to see what type of resources were used. You will most likely use similar resources in your own project.
Reviewing organizational policies regarding resource usage: There may be policies and guidelines about how to request a resource, assign a task, monitor, etc. Many corporate companies use the PPM tool from HP. This tool allows you to monitor project phases, assign tasks to project team members, and report on time. These policies must be adhered to during the estimation of resource usage.
Expert judgement on the resources needed and available: Subject matter experts can help you determine the level of experience and competence required for the project team members. Then there’s the or