18 Interview Questions & Responses for Project Managers [2022 Updated]

You are a professional who applied for a position in project management. You were invited by your employer to interview for the position of project manager. You have not been to a job interview in a while or are anxious about the project manager interview. You are looking for common questions and answers for project manager interviews.
Don’t worry. You are in the right place.
Here are the 18 common PM Interview questions. We will guide you how to answer each one with examples. You can also see our mock interview solution for Project Managers if you want to evaluate yourself in a PM interview session.

18 Interview Questions & Answers for Project Managers
We will be covering the following questions and providing sample answers.
Please briefly describe yourself and your background.
Which was the most difficult or largest project you managed to complete?
Do you have experience in budget management?
Are you a failure in a project? Are you able to handle failures?
How can you ensure that projects are on track?
Can you give me an example of a communication failure you made to your manager, team, or customer?
How can you motivate your project team?
Do you have experience in supplier management or outsource personnel?
Are you a project manager with international experience?
How can you deal with gold plating within your project?
You managed the project according to requirements. The customer is not satisfied with the outcome and refuses to accept the project. How do you convince the customer to accept your project?
How can you deal with members of a project team that are underperforming?
How can you resolve conflicts within your projects?
What are the best three words to describe you?
Why should we hire your services?
Where do you see your self in five years?
What is your current salary?
What salary expectations do you have?
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Let’s look at each question one-by-one to see how we can answer them.
Interview Questions & Answers #1: Please describe yourself and your background briefly.
This is a common question for project manager job interviews. This question can be asked in any interview for a job as a project manager.
This PM interview question can be used as a way to promote yourself. Because you will be sharing your background, education, work experience, as well as projects that you have completed. You can also tell about your university projects if you are a recent graduate. An experienced professional will be asked to provide keywords that match the job requirements.
If you have 5+ years of experience and are looking for a position as a project manager, you should not begin at your primary school to answer these interview questions. Briefly describe your birthplace, your childhood, and your university education. These should not exceed two to three sentences. Next, highlight the most important points of your background that relate to the job you are applying for.
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Let’s say, for example, that a software analyst has applied for a position as a project manager at a software vendor. He does not have any experience in project management.