10 Sample Questions for Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam DP-900

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Answer the following questions to test your knowledge after you have read the course material. The correct answers can be found at the end.
Here’s the Quiz:
The following is an example for a streaming dataset. Data from sensors and devicesb. List of employees who work for a companyc. Sales data for the last month
Which one of the following tools can be used to visualize and report? SQL Server Management Studiob. Power BIc. SQL
Which of the following statements describes a relational database? All data must be stored in character stringsb Different columns can be found in different rows of the same table.
Which statement about SQL Server running on virtual machines is true? Although you must install and maintain the database management software yourself, backups are automatically performedb. Software installation and maintenance can be automated, but you still need to do your backupsc. Software installation and maintenance are your responsibility. Backups must be performed by you.
When should you use block blobs and when should a page blob be used?a Unstructured data that needs random access to perform reads or writes can be used in a block blob. A page blob is used for discrete objects that are not likely to change. A block blob is used for active data that is stored using the Hot access tier. A page blob is used for data that is stored using the Archive or Cool data access tiers. A page block is used for blobs that need random read-write access. A block blob is used for discrete objects that are not frequently updated.
What is a security principle? A named collection of permissions that can granted to a service. This includes the ability to access the service to read, write and delete data. Examples of Azure permissions include Contributorb and Owner. An object that represents a user or group, a service, or managed identity who requests access to Azure resources.c. A set of resources that you can grant access to.
What is the primary difference in a data lake and data warehouse?a A data lake can store structured information, while a data warehouse can hold raw business datab. A data lake may contain raw data, while a data warehouse may contain structured informationc. The data stored in a database lake is dynamic, while the data stored in a warehouse is static.
PolyBase: When can you use it? To ingest streaming data using Azure Databricksb. To query data from Azure Synapse Analyticsc. To orchestrate Azure Data Factory activities
Which Azure Synapse Analytics component allows you to train AI models with AzureML? Synapse Pipelinesb. Synapse Sparkc. Synapse Sparkc.
What is the common flow in Power BI activity?a. Create a report in Power BI Desktop, then share it to the Power BI Service. You can also view and interact with dashboards and reports in the service and Power BI Mobile. Power BI mobile allows you to create a report, share it to Power BI Desktop, and view and interact with the Power BI servicec. Create a report in Power BI mobile. Create a report using the Power BI service, then share it to Power BI Mobile. Finally, you can interact with it in Power BI desktop.
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b.Explanation : Power BI is a standard tool to create rich graphica