11 Questions to help you pass the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI900 certification exam

Hello Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts. These are sample questions for the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI900 certification exam.
You can quickly answer multiple-choice questions and verify the correct answer at end.
Here’s the Quiz:
You need to build a model that predicts the stock’s price based on historical data. This includes stock price over the past week and stock price daily. Which Azure service should I use? Azure Machine Learningb. Custom Visionc. Regressiond. Computer Vision
You notice unusual transactions at your payment gateway. What service can you use to detect such transactions? Machine Learningb. Classificationc. Sentiment analysisd. Anomaly detection
The following options will allow you to choose from a type of machine learning that can be used to predict which class or category an item belongs to. Clusteringb. Classificationc. Regressiond. Speech
A bank would like to use historical loan repayment records to classify loan applications as high-risk or low-risk based upon characteristics such as the loan amount, income, and loan term. What type of machine learning model should the dealership use to create automated machine learning? Clusteringb. Classificationc. Fast Forest Quantile Regressiond. Ordinal Regression
You want to create an app that allows you to process your own images. Which services will you use? Computer Visionb. OCRc. Custom Visiond. Text Analysis
What service will you use to get a bounding box close to an object while processing photos? Computer Visionb. Optical Character Recognitionc. Machine Learning Workspaced. Machine Learning Workspaced.
Your organization must create an application that can detect handwritten text in images as well as printed text. What service will you use to create an app? Computer Vision (OCR).b. Text Analysisc. Translator Textd. Translator Textd.
Your company has a website where customers leave reviews about your service. Now you need to distinguish between positive and negative reviews. Which service will you use? Translator Textb Computer Visionc. Speechd. Text Analysis
What service will you use to tag content? Translator Text Serviceb. Speechc. APId. OCR
Which service will you use to manage access and billing together? Cognitive Serviceb. Custom Vision Servicec. Machine Learning Serviced. None of the above
You are the restaurant owner and you want to create a reservation system. Which service will you use? Azure Bot Service and QnA Makerb. QnA Makerc. Azure Bot Serviced. Speech
Correct Answer: 1.
2. dExplanation
3. b.Explanation
4. b. Explanation: Classification uses data to determine the type, class, or category of an item or row in data
5. c.Explanation
6. aExplanation
7. a.Explanation
8. d.Explanation Text analysis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), features for text mining and analysis, including sentiment analysis and opinion mining, key phrase extraction and language detection, and named entity recogniztion
9. a.Explanation