12 Cloud Computing Skills You Need to Build a Career in 2022

According to India Today, the market for cloud computing will reach USD 350-380 billion in 2022, according to India Today. Cloud software developers, cloud architects, and cloud infrastructure engineers are highly sought after. Both new and experienced professionals have equal chances.
NASSCOM published a report recently stating that India alone had nearly 3,79,000 open positions for cloud roles in the last year. This demand is only going to grow. Experts predict that candidates with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud computing skills will be in high demand in the future. We have compiled a list with the top skills that professionals should acquire to make a career in the cloud.
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A glimpse of the top cloud skills
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A glimpse of the top cloud skills
1. Expertise in Cloud Platforms
Cloud Computing requires the ability to understand cloud services platforms such as AWS, GCP and IBM. It is important to know which cloud provider provides the best services for your workloads and applications. It is also important to understand the pros and cons of each service provider and how they can be tailored to your needs.
2. Programming Skills
To be successful in the cloud computing industry, you will need to have programming language skills to create, build and deploy apps on cloud platforms. Programming skills are essential for cloud administrators, engineers, and administrators. This is a key skill to have a successful career in this field.
3. Skills required to manage Application Program Interface
Application Program Interface (API), connect system or glue, and networking components. These APIs are coded by cloud professionals to establish connectivity between workloads in the cloud.
4. Hybrid Cloud Handling Skills
Hybrid cloud allows certain resources to be on-premises while other resources can be found in the cloud. A comprehensive understanding of the various cloud models and how they can be combined in a hybrid environment is essential for Cloud professionals.
5. Storage
Cloud computing is a complex mix of data storage and cloud computing. It has many benefits, including low cost, accessibility and reliability, speedy deployment, data backup and recovery, and quick deployment. Cloud computing professionals need to have a deep understanding of the workings of various cloud storage methods.
6. Cloud Deployment & Migration skills
It is essential to master cloud migration tools in order to have a career in cloud deployment and migration. To build a career as a Cloud Deployment & Migration professional, tools such as the Discover IT assets tools, Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO analysis tools), Application profiling tools on AWS and Azure Migrate tool are important.
You will also need to be able to migrate specialty workloads like SAP on AWS, SAP on Azure, VMware, AWS, Azure, etc. These skills are highly sought after
Cloud certifications will help you secure a solid career in this field. Important certifications include AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate training, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Certification Training.
7. Cloud Security Skills
According to a New York Times report, the cybersecurity industry has seen a 0% unemployment rate since 2011. Cloud security careers will allow professionals to make a career out of their talents and create a rewarding and challenging career. Cloud Security professionals will play a major role in the future. Cloud migration is becoming increasingly popular and organizations are looking to secure cloud resources. This presents a huge opportunity for cloud security professionals.
Cloud certifications are a proven way to get a job in the cloud security industry.