12 Sample Questions to help prepare for the AZ-204 Developing Microsoft Solutions certification test

Here are some questions for the AZ204 Developing Microsoft Solution certification exam.
Multiple-choice questions can be answered, verified at the end and you can quickly grab your certificate.
Here’s the Quiz:
Your company wishes to create a Docker app for an Azure App Services Web App. To create the resources, you as a developer can use PowerShell commands. Which of these commands should you use? Choose 3 answersa. New-AzureRmAppServicePlanb. New-AzureRmResourceGroupc. Create-AzureRmWebAppd. New-AzureRmWebApp
You have created a Function in Azure Portal. Which of these statements about the direction property of triggers, or bindings is valid?a The direction of triggers is always “in”b. Triggers can have either “in” or “out”c. Some bindings can use the “input”d. Both input and output bindings can be used “in” or “out”.
Which of the following classes gives you a point of acces to the blob service within your code? CloudBlockBlobb. CloudBlobClientc. CloudStorageAccountd. CloudBlobContainer
Azure Cosmos DB abstracts and normalizes the cost of all database operations and then expresses it by which of these options?a. Input/Output Operations Per Second, (IOPS)b. CPU Usagec. Request Units (RU).
What does the following Docker command do?docker rmi temp-ubuntu:version-1.0a. Removes the image registryb. Tags the image using a versionc. Deletes the container from the registryd Lists containers using image
A shared access signature (SAS), is a signed URI that points at one or more storage resources. It also includes a token that contains a set of special query parameters. With a self-signed certificateb. With the storage account keyc. With a user delegation keyed. With an HTTPS URI
Which of the following classes is used in.NET programming to interact with Event Hubs?a. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubs.EventHubClientb. . Microsoft.Azure.EventHubsc. Microsoft.Azure.Eventsd. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubClient
What is the maximum time a message can stay in Azure Queue storage? 4 daysb. 6 daysc. 7 daysd. 12 days
The IDatabase type represents the Redis database. Which of these methods creates a group operation that is sent to the server and then processed as one unit? CreateBatchb. CreateTransactionc. CreateSingled. SendBatch
You are required to create a solution using Azure Active Directory (AAD). You plan to use the Azure CLI for creating a role and assigning a user to that role. What command do you need? az role assignment create az role definition createb. az role definition create az role assignment createc. az role definition create az role assignment listd. az role definition list az role assignment create
What are Dockerfile commands Select all the apply.a. CMDb. WORKDIRc. FROMd. RUN
CosmosDB supports multiple consistency levels. You will be asked to create a solution using CosmosDB NoSQL. You must return data from the current version, a configurable amount of versions, or time back from the current version. You chose a strong consistency model. It will solve the purpose? Yesb. No
Correct Answers
a b and d
a c and dExplanation
c.Explanation. All database operations are normalized by Azure Cosmos DB. They are expressed in Request Units (or RUs) for short.
Explanation: You can remove images from the