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monday.com Create a custom-made capacity planning tool for your business

Saviom Get instant information about active and bench resources.

ClickUp Plan for the Future with adaptable templates

Wrike Keep track in real-time of the progress of your project with Wrike

Mavenlink by Kantata Spot – Avoid roadblocks to increase productivity

Smartsheet Save time planning a new project

Float Manage multiple projects easily

Use Mosaic Analyze trends for planning improvement

ProjectManager Easily assess the progress of your project

Runn.io Forecasts how new work will impact your team’s workload

It is difficult to grow a business. It can be overwhelming to grow a business when you have limited resources.
Capacity planning allows you to plan your workload and gain accurate insight on your resource capacity. This will help you deliver your work on schedule and within budget. This will help you to meet your current work requirements and plan for future projects, which can accelerate your growth.
Capacity planning software allows project managers to create demand forecasts and set prices and deadlines. It also helps them manage resource allocation and improve their team’s efficiency.
Check out my review to learn which 10 capacity planning software project managers should use in 2022. The review includes screenshots of each tool, a brief description, and a comparison chart to help you decide which solution would be a benefit to your company.
Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in order to select the best capacity planning tools Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). I prefer tools with a simple interface. Your project managers are already busy enough, so they shouldn’t waste their time searching for the right functionality or feature.
Usability: I seek software that is simple to use and understand. After a brief training period, the project manager should be able learn how to get maximum benefit from the tool.
Integrations: I am looking for solutions that can integrate with other software your team uses every day. Integrations are better.
Value for $: I seek tools that will help you achieve multiple goals so you get a good return.
Capacity Planning Platforms: Key Features
Project management – Capacity planning cannot be done without strong project management features. You need to keep track of what your team does.
Task management – You should have the ability to assign tasks and monitor their progress to see how they are doing.
Time-tracking – Knowing the time it takes to complete a given task with your current resources can help you price your services and allow you to estimate the capacity of your supply chain.
Resource allocation – You must be able identify weak points in your execution process, and allocate resources to improve delivery times.
Business intelligence – The solution should organize the data of your company in neat reports, so that you can interpret the metrics and project profitability and resource utilization with accuracy.
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Overview of the 10 Best Capacity Planning Software Solutions
Below is a brief description of each app, along with some notable features and screenshots, to give an idea of the user interface.
1 monday.com
Create a custom capacity planning tool for your business
Monday allows project managers to quickly assess their team’s capacity. The tool’s visual interface lets you pick and choose which modules and integrations to use to build the perfect management software.