The Digital Project Manager – 10 Best Customer Database & Customer Software 2022

The Best Customer Database Software List
Here is a list of some of the most widely used database software:
Monday Sales CRM Manage all client interactions and processes in one place to streamline all sales opportunities

Clickup Customized and searchable databases that allow you to build client lists and track interactions.

Kintone Best is a company that builds custom client databases

Keap CRM CRM CRM, client database and sales automation for small to medium-sized businesses

Streak CRM Sales and Project Management Software with Automation, Data, and Analytics, built right into Gmail is a great database for small businesses. It offers after-care programs such as churn detection and post-sales processing. Track deals and close them by collecting information from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, LinkedIn or even a business card.

Airtable Part spreadsheet, Part database, Airtable allows you to add attachments, text comments, links to records, or even barcodes

All Clients Web-based database software for non-technical users. Includes workflows, funnels and responsive email templates.

Pipeline Deals Full customer account visibility pre- and after-sales to manage key deliverables and milestones.

No more are you storing all your contacts in business card binders and all your client files in alphabetized manila boxes. Database programs make it easier to store important information, such as addresses and project details, and are more searchable.
Database software is the heart of your business. Data management can help you search for, sort, and select clients you have previously had contact with. Databases can also be used to collect and act upon sales leads. Your business’ success or failure will depend on how you manage your contacts and clients.
This article will quickly help you compare and evaluate the top client management software and other online software.
Comparison Criteria for Client Database Management Tools
What criteria should we look for when selecting a customer database application for review? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI), Is it clean? Is it modern or old? The best database management software will work well and look great.
Usability: Is it easy for users to use? Database software that is simple will provide good tech support, user support, and tutorials.
Integrations: Does it make it easy to connect with other tools and programs? Are there any pre-built integrations available?
Value for $: What price is appropriate for the features, capabilities and use case? Is pricing transparent, flexible, and clear?
Key Features for Client Database Management
Here are some must-haves.
Backup Client Base Online – To ensure the safety and long-term security of your data, you need a backup system. Online backup systems are ideal because you can access them from anywhere. You will want to make sure that they use the highest safety standards for client data.
Reporting and Analysis – Does the software provide a variety of reporting tools and data visualizations to help you analyze your data? Are the reports easy to download and share?
Robust Search Functionality: Does the system make it easy for users to search for and sort data in different ways. How far back can the results go? What can you do to narrow your search terms so that you get the most relevant results for your query?
Mobile App/Access – With today’s mobile workforce, you may want a client database app that can be used on the go. An iOS or Android app is a big plus, especially considering the growing number of remote workers.
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