The Digital Project Manager – 10 Best Design Management Software in 2022

Shortlist of the Best Design Project Management Software
Here’s the list I’ll be covering in this article: The best design project management software Annotations & Version Control so you don’t miss one beat.

ClickUp Share links to clients to review your work, and hide sensitive information.

Wrike Creative has short templates that will help you get started on your project.

Intelligencebank Marketing operations platform that includes digital asset management capabilities.

Hive Has a Photoshop plugin so your designers can focus on designing.

Screendragon Real-time collaboration for your proofing stage.

You can get reviews and team collaboration all in one place, so you have complete control over your project.

Asana Tool with Proofing that automatically generates Sub-tasks

Ziflow Excellent highlighting functionality in proofing section to help with multiple comments on one design.

Teamwork Project management with unlimited access for your clients.

Digital projects that are also called creative projects or design projects are a special type of digital projects. Because of the high degree of dependency between departments, they require a lot of participation and collaboration to complete a job. You won’t be working on one project at a time, so you need a tool to help you and your team manage multiple projects simultaneously.
These tools are being covered from a design-focused perspective and with client approval. But design is only one component. It’s crucial to have a well-designed website when designing websites. It’s equally important to have a content creation procedure. This is what will make the reader stick around after being enticed by the design.
While content creation may be a topic for another time, let’s not forget about the tools that can help us get our designs approved and completed faster!
Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in order to select the best design project manager software? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). Does it provide clear displays and intuitive navigation that team members would love to use?
Usability: Is it easy to move content from one stage to another and alert other teams about what’s happening with the project. I also want to know if it is easy to access files and communicate with team members using built-in communication tools.
Integrations: I will search for pre-built integrations to Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop Pro, InDesign and Illustrator). Anything that will help the team export or import their work and make the transition to this program easier.
Design Project Management Software Key Features
Briefs and Intake Forms: This simplifies the intake process by providing dynamic forms that allow your team to create specific question flows for incoming inquiries. All this information is stored in one central location.
Visual, Customizable Workload management: This includes task tracking and project planning features that help everyone manage their work schedules. They should be able see their tasks, deadlines and dependencies as well as scheduling conflicts. They can also track their progress via visual dashboards. Because each creative team works in a unique way, custom approval workflows can be a useful feature to define and monitor your work.
Collaborative Feedback: Revision, feedback, and collaboration are all important parts of the creative process. This process should be made easier by facilitating collaborative editing in a shared workspace, visual markingups, feedback consolidation, version control, and version control that clearly displays the item’s approval history and changes.
Reporting Features: Because of the nature and cost of creative work, justifying the expense of creative teams can be a challenge. The best software offers beautiful, simple reports that show your team’s progress.