The 5 Biggest Project Management Trends in 2015

Computerworld has just released a study showing that 24% of companies intend to hire more IT workers in 2015.
What was the second most valued skill in a new hire (behind application development and programming)? Project management is a must.
This year is going to be a spectacular one in this field.

Project managers will need to adapt to changing workplace environments. Here are some things to expect in project management for the next year.
1. Agile will continue to gain popularity within IT projects.
Agile is cost-effective and relies on self-organizing groups. It appeals to human needs such as autonomy, mastery and purpose. It relies on constant feedback to ensure its success. Businesses that have been struggling through the Great Recession will find its real-time cost-cutting capabilities to be a great option for bottom-line conscious management. Don’t be afraid to use the term Scrum. This trend is here to stay.
2. Mobile collaboration will reign supreme.
The Telegraph declared earlier this year that “The work-life balance myth was dead”. I disagree. It is much better to combine work and life. Project managers will need to manage a workforce that is always on the move, telecommuting, or working irregular hours. For the first time ever, mobile internet usage surpassed PC internet usage in 2014. This trend will only grow. Mobile integration is a must for project management software and collaboration tools.
3. 2015 will be the year of risk management.
Project managers already know that risk management is a popular topic. Project professionals looking for opportunities in the new year will need to manage risk with Agile’s growth. Software can help you identify risks but you still need to improve your ability to identify budget and scope overreach potentials and maintain order over your projects.
4. Cybersecurity will be front-and-center.
Sony. Jennifer Lawrence. Target. Cyberattacks on celebrities and major companies were a common occurrence in the past year. Brian Finch, a Wall Street Journal reporter, pointed out that cyberattacks on celebrities and major companies have increased in 2015.
5. The PMP certification will be more popular.
Many young people will seek out a PMP certification as they struggle to find work. A PMP certification is a significant step up in project management. It allows young workers to gain knowledge and networking opportunities that will help them stand out from the rest. This trend will continue for the next ten years. This means that the field will become saturated with PMP-certified project managers.
There are many trends that I haven’t seen coming into 2015, and I’m sure there are others. What do you think 2015 will look like? Comment below with your projections and comments!
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