The Ultimate Guide to Project Management Gamification

What does Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Last of Us have in common?
I’m going be playing all of them on my Playstation 4 console this winter.
Gaming was just part of growing up, like so many others in my generation. From Age of Empires to Zoombinis I was taught to appreciate achievement in points or levels.
Gamification is a way to bring the joy of video games to the workplace. Instead of defeating giant orcs in a game, teams work together to defeat a completely different type of beast: projects.
Screenshot from Dragon Age

It’s simple: Use a gameplay model to reward productivity and achieve goals. Based on their output, team members can “level up” or earn badges. This makes work feel more like a game. It’s also more fun this way.
Gamification and project management go hand in hand. After all, what is project managing other than ensuring that workers are happy and getting the best results? Gamification can be used by a PMO to help it achieve its goal of creating an imaginative, competitive, passionate team.
Gamification Works

Employee disengagement is one of the most serious problems in the workplace. Gallup reports that 87% are either “actively disengaged” (or “not engaged”) in their workplaces.
Lawley Insurance was troubled by inaccuracy in 2012 due to disengagement. Their employees were slow to update their Salesforce software, which led to inaccurate reporting and messy forecasts. Lawley introduced gamification to address the problem. The two-week challenge was designed to give employees points for updating their files, calling logs, and scoping out potential customers. reports that the contest generated the same number of Salesforce activities in just two weeks as the previous 7 1/2 months.
This is only one story. Accenture states that “game mechanics are already effective in engaging and motivating employees as well as maintaining or intensifying certain employee behavior.”
All that being said, how can project managers make gamification work for them?
Choose Gamified Project Management Software

Gamification works better when everyone is connected to the same system. Project management software is a great way to encourage friendly competition among your team.
RedCritter Tracker allows you to manage Agile projects at its most basic. You can assign users tasks based on their skills, track hours worked, or manage sprints with multiple products and teams. RedCritter is similar to other project management systems in many ways.
Its badge and rewards system are what make it stand out. RedCritter, unlike other project management software, is a dedicated system to gamification in project administration. RedCritter offers over fifty badges that can be used to motivate your employees. These badges can be seen prominently on the user’s profile. RedCritter’s reward shop is also available to companies. Users can save earned points and exchange them for company-specific rewards, such as lunch with the CEO.
Tips and tricks to keep in mind

It is dangerous to travel alone. Follow these tips.
Capterra is all about fun and gamification. We even have an arcade machine in our kitchen! What can your company do to increase productivity? Are you a project manager? What other tips did I forget to mention? Comment below to share your thoughts!
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