Mini Course: Master Statements of Work – The Digital Project manager

It can be difficult to know what you will deliver and how you will get it done at the beginning of a project.

This course will teach you how to make your projects more clear and aligned. It will help you create a solid statement of work and deliver your projects without awkward conversations.

Ben will guide you through the steps of defining scope and address common problems with managing a statement-of-work. A sample SOW will be shown and you’ll leave with both a template as well as a sample that you can adapt for your own projects.

What you’ll learn

How to define the scope of a project
How to manage and control scope creep
How to overcome common work challenges

What you’ll be able to do

Fewer misunderstandings
More profitable projects
Project control increased


Sample Lite Statement of Work (SoW), (.docx).
Statement of Work (SoW), Template (.docx).
Statement of Work (SoW), Sample (.docx).
Statement of Work Checklist (.pdf).